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CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility
Committed to People, Committed to the Future.

Support for Local Communities Developments

For Toshiba Group, it is our responsibility as a good corporate citizen not just to resolve issues faced by local communities through business, but to develop activities that are rooted in the area as a member of the local community.

Medium- to Long-term Vision

As a corporate citizen, Toshiba Group aims to win the trust of communities in countries and regions across the globe.

FY 2016 Achievement

Contributed to the realization of a sustainable society through business, such as geothermal power generation in Africa, and strategic collaboration with Russia in the postal/logistics system business.

Future Challenges and Approaches

We will contribute to solving issues in local communities, in order to make sustainable society a reality. We will also advance the localization of our management with regard to human resources, procurement and other aspects, respecting the cultures and customs of each country, in order to maintain business activities that are firmly rooted in the local communities.

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Policy on Support for Local Communities' Developments

Toshiba Group contributes to the development of local communities and solution to issues imposed on them through our business activities. At our manufacturing sites, we have been making efforts to localize management, foster management development, and promote local procurement. We have also contributed to the development of social infrastructure in developing and emerging countries in addition to the development of products that meet the needs of local communities. Furthermore, we have set our policy on the relationships with local communities in Toshiba Group Standards of Conduct.

Toshiba Group Standards of Conduct 19.Community Relations

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Structure of Support for Local Communities' Developments

The General Affairs division at each site or company is responsible for handling relations with local communities, including constant communications with communities associations and other organizations.

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Check and Evaluation of Local Impacts of Establishing New Operational Sites

When establishing new business operations, all group companies at Toshiba Group adhere to laws and regulations, engage in dialogue with local authorities and residents and strive to maintain harmony with the community. Once operations are underway, the companies disclose information about their business activities and environmental protection initiatives and thus engage in fruitful communication with local residents.

For manufacturing sites, the Toshiba Environmental Audit also evaluates the extent to which operations have an impact on the local environment. Furthermore, 183 manufacturing sites which were targeted in all Toshiba Group companies have acquired ISO 14001 certification.

Toshiba Group Environmental Audit System

Sites that have acquired ISO 14001 certification

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Solving Regional Social Issues through Business

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

In September 2015, the "2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development" was unanimously adopted at the U.N. Summit. The Agenda consists of 17 goals and 169 targets, and is applied to all countries universally.

The 2030 Agenda commits to leaving "no one left behind," and aims to solve societal issues, including poverty, famine, education and health by 2030. It also seeks to mitigate climate change and protect the environment in creating a sustainable society.

Toshiba will contribute to solving global-scale issues related to these goals through business, and to realizing a sustainable society, collaborating with various countries and organizations.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Geothermal Power Generation in Africa

The Olkaria IV Geothermal Power Plant in KenyaThe Olkaria IV Geothermal Power Plant in Kenya

In 2013, Toshiba delivered geothermal steam turbines and power generators to Olkaria Geothermal Plants No. 1 and No. 4, Kenya's largest geothermal power plants. We subsequently concluded agreements with national governments and related companies regarding collaborations in Ethiopia, Tanzania, Djibouti, and Uganda, which we regard as high-priority regions for geothermal power generation in Africa, in order to develop business in the continent. In addition to drafting the guidelines required to develop, supply, operate and manage equipment, we also provide support for personnel development, including accepting trainees.

Geothermal power generation, which uses heat generated from magma, emits a relatively small amount of carbon dioxide and is expected to provide a sustainable and stable power source. Toshiba will continue contributing to the mitigation of global warming and create an enriched lifestyle for African people through a diverse renewable energy business.

Strategic Collaboration with Russia in the Postal/Logistics System Business

The automatic mail processing system for the International Postal Exchange Office in Moscow, RussiaThe automatic mail processing system for the International Postal Exchange Office in Moscow, Russia

Toshiba is gradually implementing an automatic mail processing system for the Moscow International Postal Exchange Office, for which we received an order in 2014. This system automatically processes packages and post of various sizes and optimizes the layout and movement of equipment and operators, enhancing the capability to process packages and postal items. Based on its performance, we concluded a strategic collaboration agreement in December 2016 which includes stipulations regarding our contributions to improving the management of the Russian postal system.

In Russia, the international mail order market is expanding at a rapid pace due to the widespread use of online shopping. In 2016, the international cargo market doubled in size compared to the previous year. As a total integrator of postal/logistics systems, Toshiba will promote innovation in the Russian postal/logistics business in order to contribute to sustainable improvements in infrastructure and industry.

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Contributions to Local Communities around Business Sites

Support for the Employment and Independence of Intellectually Disabled People—Toshiba With Corporation

Cleanup work by Toshiba With employeeCleanup work by Toshiba With employee

Toshiba With Corporation is a Toshiba Group subsidiary established in 2005 which mainly consists of intellectually disabled people, and supports the independence of the people. At Toshiba With, employees are engaged in business operations for cleaning, printing, mail delivery, and health care within Toshiba Group. Through these operations, they learn about work responsibilities, sense of purpose, and enjoyment in work, along with social rules and manners in order to achieve independent living.

The independence of the people with intellectual disabilities requires not only employment opportunities, but also support in living, including lifestyle and health management. To this end, the company works in close collaboration with disabled people's families and local support organizations to create a unified support system.

We will continue to support promoting awareness and understanding of disabilities, fostering employee self-reliance, so everyone may play a more active role in society.

Certification as Yokohama-model Regional Contribution Company

Certification logo of Yokohama-model Regional Contribution CompanyCertification logo of Yokohama-model Regional Contribution Company

In October 2014, Toshiba was certified as a Yokohama-model Regional Contribution Company, by the City of Yokohama. The certification is awarded to companies that: 1) have an awareness of the region and its communities, 2) conduct social business with a view toward contributing to the region, and 3) aim to grow and develop together with the region, based on specific standards. CSR activities of the entire Toshiba Group were highly rated, as were locally rooted activities Toshiba carried out in Yokohama at the Yokohama Complex, Keihin Product Operations and Toshiba's Kanagawa branch.

Improving the Environment of Surrounding Communities

Toshiba Group companies strive to improve the environment around their business sites. In FY2016, group company employees across Japan cleaned areas around their business sites approximately approximately 370 times.

Also, at Toshiba Hokuto Electronics Corporation's Asahikawa head office plant, employees have planted some 200 flowers, including begonias, salvias, marigolds, and moss phloxes in flower beds on the sidewalks around the company. They water and take care of the flowers beatifying the area.

Cleaning areas around the Yokohama Complex
Cleaning areas around the Yokohama Complex

Toshiba Hokuto Electronics employees taking care of flowers
Toshiba Hokuto Electronics employees taking care of flowers

Preventing Disasters and Crimes in Local Communities

Toshiba Group is working to prevent disasters and crimes in the communities around its business sites.

For building management companies that purchase Toshiba elevators and local fire stations, Toshiba Elevator and Building Systems Corporation provides training for rescuing passengers trapped in elevators, using methods suited to the structure of buildings and elevators. The number of training sessions held annually in different areas totals approximately 1,000. In FY2016, some 5,700 people participated in these sessions. In the training, participants learn how to rescue people safely through hands-on practice and think about the considerations that need to be made for passengers.

At Toshiba Plant Systems & Services Corporation, employees participate in patrols to prevent crime in areas around the Chubu Branch Office on an ongoing basis, together with members of the local crime prevention association, police, the fire department and local government organizations. Through these activities, we communicate with the residents of the local community and contribute to its safe and secure development.

Training to rescue passengers trapped in an elevator conducted by Toshiba Elevator and Building Systems Corp.
Training to rescue passengers trapped in an elevator conducted by Toshiba Elevator and Building Systems Corp.

A crime prevention patrol by Toshiba Plant Systems & Services
A crime prevention patrol by Toshiba Plant Systems & Services

Support for Elderly Households

Employees clearing snow off a roofEmployees clearing snow off a roof

At Toshiba Corporation's Hokkaido Office and other Toshiba Group companies that have business sites around Sapporo city, employees help to clear the area of snow every winter. They help respond to the needs of the elderly people who cannot clear away the snow on their own, contributing to solving local problems and building relationships with local residents.

Workplace Experience for Children

Workplace experience at Toshiba Tec Solution ServicesWorkplace experience at Toshiba Tec Solution Services

Toshiba Group provides workplace experience opportunities for children to learn about how product work and how they're manufactured.

Toshiba Tec Solution Services Corporation accepted students from a private junior high school in Chiba Prefecture for two days to allow them to experience the work done by maintenance service engineers. Toshiba Carrier Corporation invited students from junior high schools in the vicinity of Fuji Operations to learn about air conditioning and to experience welding and assembly in production lines.

We hope that these experiences will help children learn about the different types, styles and importance of the work, to aid in their future career planning.

Contest to Stimulate Interest in Science and Technology

To stimulate elementary school children's interest in science and technology, employees at Toshiba's Himeji Semiconductor Plant work with the local board of education to hold a Toshiba Dream and Idea Contest every year. This contest accepts entries operated by batteries and electrical parts as well as environmental posters from elementary schools in the area. Employees participate in the contest as judges and award creative entries made by the children. Award-winning entries are exhibited to the public. In FY2016, we received 313 entries for the contest.

Reviewing entries submitted for the 24th Dream and Idea Contest and the 12th Environmental Poster Contest

Reviewing entries submitted for the 24th Dream and Idea Contest and the 12th Environmental Poster Contest

Reviewing entries submitted for the 24th Dream and Idea Contest and the 12th Environmental Poster Contest

Consideration for Employees' Exercise of Civil Rights

Toshiba set up a new leave system called "Saiban-in" (Lay Judge) System Leave to coincide with the commencement of the Lay Judge System from May 2009 in Japan. This leave facilitates the employees to participate as citizen jurors in criminal court procedures.

Based on the law for implementation of the "Saiban-in" system in criminal court procedures, the salary per day for the employee selected to participate in such system amounts to the basic salary per day. Also, based on the above law, the number of leave days provided under this system equals to the maximum number of participation days under the Lay Judge System.

Contribution to Local Communities through Job Creation and Tax Payment

Toshiba Group expands its business around the world. The jobs created contribute to local communities, especially the production facilities that employ a considerable number of local people.

By paying taxes in accordance with national laws and regulations, the group companies and their employees make an economic contribution to the regions where they operate.

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