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CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility
Committed to People, Committed to the Future.

Social Contribution Activities

Toshiba Group actively engages in a range of social contribution activities as a decent corporate citizen that is “Committed to People, Committed to the Future,” as our Group slogan states. We focus our activities on five key areas, namely: protection of the natural environment; science and technology education; promotion of sports and culture; social welfare; and international exchanges and friendship. We also play an active role in providing disaster relief.

Medium- to Long-term Vision

Our aim is that every Toshiba Group operational site, and each and every employee working there, will take the initiative in contributing to society.

FY 2015 Achievement

Number of social contribution programs
Achievement 1,330programs

Future Challenges and Approaches

We will continue to provide more information and opportunities to our employees, so that as many of them as possible can get involved in activities that contribute to society.

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Toshiba Group Basic Policy on Social Contribution Activities

Toshiba Group has set the following basic policy on social contribution activities which is embodied Toshiba Group's slogan of "Committed to People, Committed to the future."

The five key areas of activities stated in the Toshiba Group Basic Policy on Social Contribution Activities are all related to social issues that Toshiba Group regards as important. We strive to the utmost to make the most of our knowledge gained through business and of our resources in conducting these activities.

In these endeavors, we keep track of the results and impact on business through regular dialogues with stakeholders, and reevaluate and decide on our course of action accordingly.

Toshiba Group Basic Policy on Social Contribution Activities

  1. In accordance with the Basic Commitment of the Toshiba Group and Toshiba Group Standards of Conduct, we make vigorous efforts to contribute to society.
  2. In contribution to society, we focus on the following fields: protection of the natural environment, science and technology education, promotion of sports and culture, social welfare, and international exchange and friendship.
  3. We support employees' voluntary activities.

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Structure of Toshiba Group’s Social Contribution Activities

Toshiba Group has established a social contribution promotion team in the CSR Management Office, as well as social contribution promotion staff on a Group-wide level, at each operational site, branch and associated company. We all adhere to the policy in planning and pursuing our social contribution initiatives.

With regard to donations to disaster relief and to NPOs and NGOs, we assess the legality and appropriateness of such donations before doing so, based on our in-house regulations.

Structure of Toshiba Group’s Social Contribution Activities

Structure of Toshiba Group’s Social Contribution Activities

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Social Contribution Activities: Total Expenditure and its Constituent Parts

Total expenditure and its constituent parts (FY2015)

Total expenditure and its constituent parts (FY2015)

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Social Contribution Award: Toshiba “ASHITA” Award

In order to invigorate our social contribution activities, Toshiba Group has been evaluating and giving awards to domestic and overseas activities since FY2005. Every year we evaluate the previous fiscal year’s activities from nine perspectives—goals, the extent of employee involvement, originality, continuity, social impact, collaboration with external organizations, and so on—and CEO awards those activities that have achieved excellent results.

In FY2015, 1,330 programs were carried out throughout the year, and four activities including the conserving marine turtle in Penang Island (TOSHIBA TEC MALAYSIA MANUFACTURING SDN. BHD.) were awarded.

Ashita Award for CSR Excellence

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Toshiba Group Simultaneous Social Contribution Activities

Toshiba Group held the Toshiba Group Simultaneous Social Contribution Activities targeted December 5, the International Volunteer Day set by the United Nations. The aim of this initiative was to make a significant social contribution that cannot be achieved by individuals, through the simultaneous participation of all Toshiba Group employees.

Toshiba Group’s operational sites and companies worldwide conducted 502 local activities, each suited to the local area in question.

The initiative’s concept, and the number of activities and participants, were highly commended and given an award at the 6th Make a CHANGE Day Awards*.

  • *The 6th Make a CHANGE Day Awards was an event hosted by Japan’s Make a CHANGE Day Planning Committee, in order to promote volunteer and civic action.

Toshiba Group Simultaneous Social Contribution Activities

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Social Contribution Activity Examples

Science and Technology Competition for Children in the U.S. and Canada

Presentation by winning teamPresentation by winning team

Since 1992, Toshiba Group has worked with the National Science Teachers Association to host the ExploraVision Awards (EVA), a science and technology competition for k-1 to k-12 in the United States and Canada.

EVA is a competition aiming to encourage dreams in which children make predictions about technologies that they believe will become feasible within 20 years based on today’s science and technology. The program celebrated its 23rd anniversary in June 2015, commemorating its long history as a Japanese company’s science education support program in North America.

The number of participant totals more than 350,000 in the past. In FY2015 applications from 15,473 children and 5,041 teams have been filed. Each year we invite eight teams that have made excellent proposals to attend an awards ceremony held in Washington, D.C. We also provide opportunities for each winning team to present their award-winning work and visit their local Congressional representatives to report on their winning EVA. Toshiba employees cooperate in holding the event and guiding teams on their visits.

Social Contribution Activities - Science and Technology Competition (North America)

Scientific exchange program for Japanese and American high school students

High school students in active debateHigh school students in active debate

As a new initiative to promote science education, Toshiba has been holding the TOMODACHI Toshiba Science & Technology Leadership Academy since 2014, a special summer vacation project aimed at scientific exchange between Japan and the U.S., in collaboration with the Toshiba International Foundation. This program uses the approaches in the U.S.-developed Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) to teach scientific thinking, and to nurture and support students' future career prospects.

In FY2015, the program was held in August. Discussions unfolded on the topic of "building a resilient and smart society," taking into account perspectives such as global environmental issues, population problems, and disaster prevention, and the participants engaged in hands-on scientific learning.

Science Exchange Program Targeting Japanese and American High School Students

Supporting Early Childhood Development in Tanzania

Literacy education at community childcare facilitiesLiteracy education at community childcare facilities

Tanzania is one of the 48 Least Developed Countries in the world, defined by UN. Although increasing numbers of children attend elementary school, only 33% of children attend preschool, we call community childcare facilities. There are various social issues underlying this figure, such as poverty and poor awareness about education for young girls. Shinyanga area, the target of the project, is an impoverished area in inland Tanzania.

The project's goal is to build 10 community child care facilities in Shinyanga (with a total capacity of 1,000 children) for 3-6 year olds. By working to develop these facilities, train teachers, monitor operations, and promote awareness among the local adults concerning preschool education, the project aims to support children's development and growth, and thus also to promote employment among mothers.

Supporting Early Childhood Development in Tanzania

Sending doctors and dentists to areas around the Toshiba factory in the Philippines

Medical examination of local residents by dispatched doctorsMedical examination for local residents by dispatched doctors

Toshiba Information Equipment (Philippines), Inc. has been providing medical and dental examination services to promote and improve the physical well-being of intended beneficiaries in the nearby community since 2006.

In February 2016, the company dispatched a team consisting of doctors, dentists, nurses, and many employee volunteers to Bunan district and they worked for 130 local residents. In addition, it offered education programs on occupational health and safety as well as environmental protection to residents after their examinations.

Since 2006, the team has visited more than 23 districts and provided medical exams for more than 6,700 people.

International exchange and promotion of culture

Discussions by high school students from various Asian countriesDiscussions by high school students from various Asian countries

Since FY2014, the Toshiba International Foundation (TIFO) has been holding Toshiba Youth Club Asia (TYCA), an international exchange program for high school students from Japan and the ASEAN countries.

The theme for FY2015 was "TYCA Asian Vision 2035," and the program was held over eight days in December. A total of 10 high school students from Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei, and seven Japanese high school students, listened to lectures by experts, went on field trips, and held group discussions about what they themselves can do in the future, and then they presented their own vision.

Through TYCA, TIFO will go on providing opportunities to high school students from Japan and ASEAN countries, who have diverse cultures and values, to discuss the future of Asia, bearing in mind social issues.

Website: Social Contribution Activities
Website: Social Contribution Activities

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