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Distribution of Economic Value to Stakeholders

Consolidated financial results for FY2012 indicate decreases in net sales and operating income compared to the last fiscal year and an increase in distribution to shareholders and the government/authorities.

Stakeholders Amount
(billion yen)
(billion yen)
Calculation Method
Suppliers 5,606 5,893.6 Cost of sales (excluding personnel costs) and selling, general, and administrative costs (excluding personnel costs)
Employees 286.6 293.3 Data limited to Toshiba Corp. (figure derived by multiplying the total number of Toshiba Corp. employees by their average annual compensation, as mentioned in the Financial Reports)
Shareholders 42.5 37 “Dividends paid” on the cash flow statement
Creditors 32.7 31.8 “Interest” included in costs and expenses on the income statement
Government/Authorities 59.8 64.2 Income taxes
Society 2.9 3

Expenditure for corporate citizenship activities*

Details can be found in “Corporate Citizenship” page
Environment 43.1 54.7 Environment-related expenditure.* Equals environmental costs in environmental accounting.
Within company 43.6 40.5 Amount of net income minus dividends paid

*Amounts distributed to society and to the environment are also included in those distributed to suppliers and employees

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