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CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility
Committed to People, Committed to the Future.

Philosophy and Policy

CEO Commitment

Message from Hisao Tanaka, new President and CEO as of June 25, 2013

Toshiba Group Standards of Conduct

Full text of the Toshiba Group Standards of Conduct, a set of action guidelines that embody the Group’s corporate philosophy and management vision.


Toshiba Group’s major stakeholders and the Group’s key responsibilities.

Distribution of Economic Value to Stakeholders

Discloses the amounts distrubted to each stakeholder group during the past two years.

History of CSR Activities

History of Toshiba Group’s major CSR activities from 1971.

Related Information

The Toshiba Commitment

Full text of the Toshiba Group Corporate Philosophy and slogan.

Toshiba Group Management Vision

Full text of the Toshiba Group Management Vision.

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