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CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility
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CEO Commitment

We will do our utmost to help to solve global social issues with the combined power of our 200,000 employees.

Promoting CSR Management to Sustain a Safe, Secure and Comfortable Society

Our world today faces diverse social issues attendant with population growth, aging societies, fast growing demand for energy and shortages of natural resources, and global environmental problems. Toshiba Group is determined to actively contribute to solutions to these problems, and to support realization of the safe, secure and comfortable society of the Human Smart Community. Towards this end, Toshiba Group itself must achieve steady and sustainable growth.

In order to realize Toshiba Group's unique strategy for Growth through Creativity and Innovation, we will lay down solid foundations to promote CSR management, strong enough to support management policies that enhance business through value creation and productivity improvement. With this in mind, I will promote policies that develop diverse, talented, and creative global human resources.

Toshiba’s Vision

Toshiba’s Vision

Toshiba Group Management Policy Vision

Toshiba Group Management Policy Vision

Meeting the Expectations of Our Many Stakeholders

To push forward with CSR management, my primary concerns as President and CEO are to bring together the concerted abilities of Toshiba Group’s 200,000 employees, and to ensure that we place the highest priority on human life, safety and compliance. This will support us collaborating with all of our stakeholders and contributing to the achievement of a sustainable society through our business activities. Recently, we have worked with independent third parties to review issues and strategies to focus on in future, and we have identified human rights, supply chain CSR management and environmental issues as CSR-related issues crucial to our further globalization.

We believe that, as a global company, we are obliged to reinforce CSR initiatives in respect of human rights, labor, occupational health and safety, the environment and ethics. This concern covers not only group companies but extends to the suppliers in our worldwide supply chain. Acting on this conviction, we joined the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC)*1, an electronic industry CSR promotion organization, in June 2011, and are promoting CSR management in line with the objectives of EICC’s code of conduct. We recognize the conflict minerals originating in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and adjoining countries as a serious human rights issue. We have responded with Group-wide policies to require the use of conflict free minerals, and are requesting our suppliers to cooperate and provide sourcing information.

In support of climate change mitigation and tackling other environmental problems, we are implementing measures based on the long-term goals defined in the Environmental Vision 2050, and on near-term targets defined in our Environmental Action Plan. In the high-priority areas for the four Green Initiatives*2, we have set FY2015 goals at higher levels than our competitors. In FY2013, we released T-COMPASS*3 a powerful concept for further developing and expanding our environmental management. This visibly represents important and urgent worldwide environmental issues—minimization of natural resource consumption (Natural resources); mitigation of climate change (Energy); reduction of chemical substance risk (Substance); and minimization of water consumption (Water)—as the four cardinal compass points, N, E, S and W. T-COMPASS is supporting our concerted Group-wide efforts to identify key problems and find solutions.

Through FY2013, we have continued to support the restoration of Northeast Japan from the devastating effects of the major earthquake and tsunami that stuck the region on March 11, 2011. We will continue these efforts by focusing on three core themes: human resource development, recovery of local industries, and rebuilding communities. At the same time, we continue to cooperate in the stabilization and decommissioning of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant.

*1: Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition: an electronic industry CSR promotion organization
*2: Greening of Products, Greening by Technology, Greening of Process and Green Management
*3: Toshiba Comprehensive environmental database and its Practical Application to Simplified and/or Streamlined LCA

CSR Management Supported by 200,000 Employees

I believe it is important for each and every one of Toshiba Group’s 200,000 employees to fully understand the need for compliance, to contribute to the local community, and to carry out their responsibilities with a keen sensitivity to the expectations of our stakeholders. In 2004, Toshiba Group signed the United Nations Global Compact, which defines basic principles regarding human rights, labor, the environment and anti-corruption. To bring the spirit of the Compact into our daily business activities, we established the Toshiba Group Standards of Conduct, which define the values and code of conduct that must be observed by all Toshiba Group executives and employees.

As part of our efforts to encourage and promote corporate citizenship activities at all group companies, we created a corporate citizenship awards program, the Toshiba “ASHITA” Awards, in 2005. In FY2013, we received 1,616 nominations for the awards. In FY2013, in addition to the existing corporate citizenship award, we created a new award for contributions to solving social problems through business.

We are also working to raise the environmental consciousness of individual employees. For example, on June 5, World Environment Day, we held Toshiba Group Global Environmental Action events, in which Toshiba Group employees in countries around the world conducted environmental activities in unison.

I will continue to take the lead in concentrating the energy of the 200,000-plus people working for Toshiba Group around the world, to make it a group of companies that provides new value to customers and contributes to society on an ongoing basis, and in which each company works vigorously to achieve significant results. As I do so, I would greatly appreciate your continued support and cooperation.

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