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CEO Commitment

We will contribute to developing a sustainable society by bringing
together the abilities of each and every one of our employees Hisao Tanaka
Director, President and CSEA video message

Promoting CSR Management by Pursuing Unshakable Integrity

As President and CEO of Toshiba, I recognize that the basis for setting ambitious goals for the innovations that will make Toshiba Group an even stronger global contender, and for realizing the accelerated globalization essential for our future, is to promote CSR management as the cornerstone of management policy. And we must do this with an unshakable integrity.

At Toshiba, integrity embodies two meanings. First, it refers to meeting our responsibilities to society. We seek to contribute to the future of a sustainable planet Earth by addressing global issues, such as global warming, and by carrying out social contribution programs. Beyond that, integrity refers to securing sound management and finances. To this end, we place the highest priority on human life, safety and compliance in all areas of business. As we work toward securing a strong financial footing, we will also endeavor to retain the trust of all our stakeholders.

Meeting the Expectations of our Many Stakeholders

Toshiba Group strives to live up to the expectations of a diverse stakeholder base that includes shareholders, investors, customers, suppliers and local communities, and to promote CSR management that meets global standards. In 2004 Toshiba became a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact, as we share its commitment to human rights, labor standards, the environment and anti-corruption. We also observe ISO 26000, a set of international guidelines on social responsibility published in 2010.

We consider it our responsibility as a global corporation to request that our partners in our supply chain promote CSR management. Toshiba Group fully recognizes the serious human rights issue posed by trade in conflict minerals from the Democratic Republic of the Congo and adjoining countries. In contributing to finding a solution to this problem we have formulated a policy that we ask our suppliers to join us in observing.

We will continue to operate as a corporate citizen of planet Earth that contributes to the global environment while respecting the diverse histories, cultures and customs of different countries. As we do so, I hope that we may rely on your continued support and cooperation.

Continuing to Support Recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake

Toshiba Group has channeled extensive resources into supporting recovery from the devastating earthquake and tsunami that hit Tohoku on March 11, 2011.

As a first step, we arranged for the early supply of emergency aid, including provision of essential products manufactured by the Group. Following on from that, we believe that the most important contribution we can make to reconstruction is to create employment. Measures here include rebuilding the fishing industry by supplying fishing boats and assisting electrical appliance stores in resuming their business. We have also set up a fund and granted Toshiba scholarships to 230 university students who were victims of the disaster.

This is a long-term commitment, embodied in our “Toshiba East Japan ASHITA (Future) Plan.“ In FY2012, we will provide support worth 500 million yen for the continued reconstruction of fisheries and other job creation efforts, re-establishing the independence of local communities, and other areas of need. In April 2012, we dispatched 767 new employees to the stricken areas to support reconstruction efforts and to raise their awareness of the importance of embracing social responsibility.

As a developer of nuclear power generation systems, we realize the serious implications of the accident at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. At the request of the Japanese government and Tokyo Electric Power Company, Inc., we have made utmost efforts to implement measures that ensure the integrity of the site. Drawing on our technology and expertise, we developed highly efficient, stable contaminated water-disposal equipment that contributed to the cold shutdowns of Units 1 to 3. We have also developed portable water and soil disposal systems and proposed their application to administrative agencies and other entities.

Toshiba Group will continue support reconstruction activities in light of progress made. We will also offer support through our business operations and contribute to the reconstruction by proposing and implementing safe, environmentally aware city planning.

Worldwide Social Contribution Programs

As it helps to ameliorate social problems through its business activities, Toshiba Group also promotes social contribution programs that support educational and cultural activities around the world. Education provides sustenance for future generations, and we have long made this, particularly science education, a focus area. In North America we have sponsored a K-12 student science contest since 1992; in China we have helped build elementary schools in the provinces since 2002 and also run a competition for science teachers; in Japan we work with NPOs to support hands-on science education.

We also contribute to preserving culture and the arts around the world. For instance, we have supported the Japanese galleries at Britain's Victoria and Albert Museum since 1986. In France, we have been installing LED lighting to illuminate the Louvre Museum since 2011. In 2012, we donated LED lighting and photovoltaic power generation systems to Chusonji Temple-a World Heritage site in Japan's Iwate Prefecture-to enhance the charms of its fabulous gold pavilion.
I will continue to take the lead in channeling the energy of the 200,000-plus people working for Toshiba Group around the world, to make it a group of companies that provides new value to customers, contributes to society on an ongoing basis; and in which each company works vigorously to achieve significant results.
As I do so, I would greatly appreciate your support and cooperation.

Hisao Tanaka
Director, President and CEO
Toshiba Corporation

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