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CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility
Committed to People, Committed to the Future.

CEO Commitment

Toshiba's new management team is dedicated to regaining your trust. Director, President and CEO S.Tsunakawa

On June 22, I was appointed CEO of Toshiba Corporation by the board of directors, following approval of my nomination by shareholders at the ordinary general meeting of the shareholders. As I assume my new responsibilities, I want to express my basic thinking and resolve in respect of the CSR management that I want to see Toshiba Group promoting.

I have always believed that companies exist to contribute to society's progress through their business activities. They are social entities that operate by bringing together society’s diverse resources, including people. Corporate Social Responsibility is simply the responsibility that a company owes to society, and the basis of CSR management lies in fulfilling this responsibility by contributing to the advancement of a sustainable society.

The accounting issue that emerged last year caused the Tokyo Stock Exchange and Nagoya Stock Exchange to designate Toshiba's shares as "Securities on Alert" in September 2015, citing serious issues in internal control systems. Currently, Toshiba is rebuilding its governance structure. I am determined to take leadership in these efforts, to strengthen Toshiba Group's internal controls, and to get the Securities on Alert designation removed as soon as possible, so that we can regain our position in the capital markets. This is the primary social responsibility Toshiba must meet as a listed company; not only for our shareholders and investors, but also for our customers and other stakeholders who support us. I pledge to you that we will fulfill this basic responsibility.

With this in mind, here are what I see as Toshiba Group’s highest priorities in advancing CSR management.

First, we must operate as a company built on a relationship of trust with customers, shareholders and all other stakeholders. Toshiba is resilient, and has survived many crises and difficulties over the past 140 years; it remains to this day a company that contributes to society through technology and quality. This was achieved only because our stakeholders have consistently recognized Toshiba’s value and supported our business activities. Our desire is to push forward with our business in good faith, listening to all stakeholders' voices, in order to regain public trust.
Next is to enforce compliance. As a global corporate group, Toshiba must always comply with the laws and regulations of each country or region while understanding the difference of social norms worldwide. We must also fulfill our social role as a truly global corporation, gauging values and expectations in this diverse and changing world. While observing the standards of conduct shared by Toshiba Group employees worldwide, applying comprehensive corporate ethics, and living up to our commitment to create excellent value for society, Toshiba strives to serve its role as a "corporate citizen of Planet Earth."

Third, we must reinforce our financial foundations and ensure the sustainability of the company itself. Without that, we cannot contribute to society.

Contributing to society through our businesses

Last but not least, I would like to share with you how Toshiba, as a manufacturer, plans to contribute to society through business.

The global community faces many social issues: problems caused by a fast growing global population and urbanization; issues related to human rights and labor, particularly in developing nations; surging demand for natural resources and energy, and the subsequent environmental issues they cause, and climate change; plus questions about how to secure safe and stable supplies of water and food, and many other issues.

The United Nations has defined Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs*) for 2030, and expects corporations to play an active part in their achievement—more evidence of ever-growing expectations of corporations in society. In responding to these global expectations, we at Toshiba want to contribute as much as we possibly can through our business, to achieve a sustainable society.

In March 2016, Toshiba Group named energy, social infrastructure, and storage as our three core focus businesses. In the energy field, we will provide safer and cleaner power-generation systems that support mankind in all daily activities, and play a role in lowering global carbon emissions. In the social infrastructure field, we will provide products for use in buildings and facilities, such as elevators, air-conditioning and lightning, as well as public infrastructure systems in transport, broadcasting, water treatment and other sectors that enrich lifestyles. And in the storage field, our technology will support the progress of IT in the age of "information explosion".

We will provide innovative and effective solutions that draw on Toshiba's strengths, creativity and revolutionary technology, and that also take our customers' perspectives and social issues as their starting points. Bringing satisfaction and delight to our customers through our solutions will inspire a sense of achievement and satisfaction in every employee, and provide motivation for future undertakings. The goal of our CSR management is to generate such a virtuous cycle.

Back in 2004, Toshiba was one of the first Japanese companies to become a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact. We pledged to comply with its basic principles in respect of human rights, labor, the environment, and prevention of corrupt practices. We have since committed to recognize and respond to the diverse potential risks that accompany global corporate activities. As we provide society with cutting-edge solutions, we hold frequent dialogue with our stakeholders on such diverse issues as human rights including those in our supply chain, the environment, governance and other areas. We will devote ourselves sincerely to meeting the challenges that are the responsibility of both the global community and of Toshiba as a global corporation.

Toshiba Group's corporate philosophy states: "We, the Toshiba Group companies, based on our total commitment to people and to the future, are determined to help create a higher quality of life for all people, and to do our part to help ensure that progress continues within the world community." This basic principle will remain unchanged.

All of us in Toshiba Group will work together on our CSR management, so that we may continue to offer new value to customers and to society, and to contribute to society as a company. We ask for your continuing support.

Note: *Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): Targets in 17 areas, including poverty, health, education, gender, climate change, responsible consumption and production, and international cooperation.

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