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CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility
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CSR Reporting Policy

Our effort to report on the priority issues for our stakeholders and those for Toshiba Group


In editing the CSR Report, we examine and take into consideration the issues material for both our stakeholders as well as the Group, then verify the results using a Toshiba-specific index for determining materiality. Based on this, we have edited this CSR Report 2013 with the two new features described below.

The 2013 edition reports on Toshiba Group’s business and CSR priority themes by classifying them according to social challenges and the core subjects of ISO 26000.

The Report includes outside directors’ opinions about management at Toshiba Group, including CSR initiatives.

Starting in FY2013, we made our website the major medium for our CSR reports; we strive to provide easy-to-understand information and update the same in a timely manner, mainly by offering links to related information and presenting videos showing activity highlights.
The CSR Report 2013 is available only from our website, which offers PDF files that can be downloaded by selecting the sections to examine.

Organizations covered in this report

In principle, Toshiba Group (Toshiba Corporation and its 590 consolidated subsidiaries in Japan and overseas) are covered in this report, but individual entities are indicated in cases where information does not pertain to Toshiba Group.

Note:“Toshiba” in this report refers to Toshiba Corporation.

Reporting period

This report focuses on the results of activities in FY2012 (from April 1, 2012 to March 31, 2013), but also includes some activities continuing from the past as well as more recent ones.
The content of the CSR Report 2013 in PDF format is current as of the end of June 2013. Items added or updated on the CSR website after July 2013 will have notes to that effect.

Significant changes during the reporting period

In August 2012, Toshiba TEC Corp. took over a business from the U.S.-based IBM Corp. and established Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions Holdings Corp., a holding company. The company also founded Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions, Inc., a business firm in the United States, which has since started operation.


Current issue: August 2013 (next issue scheduled for August 2014; previous issue: August 2012)

Reference Guidelines

  • GRI (Global Reporting Initiative)
    Sustainability Reporting Guidelines ver. 4 (after publication in May 2013)
    Sustainability Reporting Guidelines ver. 3.1 (G3)
  • United Nations Global Compact [COP(Communication on Progress) Advanced level]
  • Ministry of the Environment of Japan
  • Environmental Accounting Guidelines 2005, Ministry of the Environment of Japan
  • ISO 26000

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Reporting Media and Disclosure Items on the Corporate Website

Toshiba Group provides our stakeholders with non-financial information in our CSR Report and financial information in our Annual Report. Recognizing our responsibility to provide detailed non-financial information, especially on environmental issues, we also publish the Environmental Report separately from the CSR Report.
We also provide the latest information on related matters in a timely manner through our corporate website.

Annual Report/Investor Relations (IR) Website

In the Annual Report, we primarily report on Toshiba Group's business performance as of the end of the fiscal year and on our three-year midterm management plan.
On the IR website, we aim to provide Toshiba's corporate information in a timely manner. An IR website optimized for mobile phone access is also available.

Annual Report(Issued in June 2013)
Annual Report
(Issued in September 2013)

IR website
IR website

Key reporting items (IR website)
IR News
Management Policy
Financial Data
IR Library
Stock and Bond Information
For individual investors

Environmental Report/Environment Website

In the Environmental Report, we provide a detailed description of the global environmental activities of Toshiba Group as a whole. On the environment website, we provide not only information on the Group's environmental activities in a timely manner, but also environmental reports on our production sites and Group companies. Furthermore, we have established a special website called “TOSHIBA eco style.”

Environmental Report (PDF file)
Environmental Report (PDF file)
eco style website
eco style website

Environment website
Environment website

Key reporting items
(Environment website)

Green Management
Green of Process
Green of Product
Green by Technology

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