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Reader Questionnaire Results

We received 23 responses to the questionnaire enclosed in the Toshiba Group CSR Report 2013. We used these valuable opinions when editing our CSR Report 2014. We would like to thank those who responded for their generous contributions.

Results of the Questionnaire Survey

1.How do you rate Toshiba Group CSR Report 2013 ?

Excellent 43%,good 26%,Satisfactory 26%,Poor 5%

2. What is your evaluation of this report ?

2-1 Content
good 65%,Satisfactory 30%,Insufficient 5%

2-2 Length
Long 17%,Appropriate 83%,

2-3 Design
good 58%,Satisfactory 40%,poor 2%

2-4 Ease of understanding
Easy 56%,Satisfactory 44%,

Major opinions and comments

  • Highlight reports are easy to understand and excellent.
  • The report provides a wide range of quantitative information.
  • The English-language edition of the CSR is currently available. When will the Chinese-language edition be available?
  • When will Toshiba Group start to support the fourth edition of the GRI Guidelines (G4)?

Major items improved in CSR Report 2014

  • We focused on respect for human rights, promotion of CSR management in the supply chain and environmental management as CSR highlights (priority themes) and reported on these themes in easy-to-understand language based on case studies.
  • Since many users downloaded the entire PDF version of last year’s report (186 pages for FY2013), we made the guidance for the digest version easier to understand.
  • We referred to the fourth edition of the GRI Guidelines (G4) to disclose the materiality identification process.
  • We improved the layout design of the PDF edition to raise assessments regarding content, design and understandability.
  • We improved the organization of descriptions in the section on Major Achievements and Assessments for KPIs to increase readability.

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