Product design

Caring for people.
Giving shape to the things people love.

At Toshiba, we have always strived to create products that bring people happiness and peace of mind, and whose values such as beauty and utility are undiminished by time.
Today, our commitment to the creation of products that people love is stronger than ever.

Digital Products-The Caring for People Project-

Essential beauty, the beauty that comes from caring for people. That's what we mean by our concept of "shaped by caring for people." We aim for a design that has three elements: a simple and lean functional elegance, an intuitive appeal to people, and a shape that expresses purity.
For example, our thin, light, easy-to-use and stylish notebook PCs are created by caring for people in all aspects of functionality, quality, design and communication.

Home Appliances-The Caring for People Project-

We aim for a shape that can be used naturally and intuitively.
The human interface of our home appliances realizes intuitive operation by highlighting only what is needed, when it is needed.
With their unmatched purity of design, our home appliance products have a fine texture that is comfortable to the touch and an attractive appearance.
We strive for products that will always be treasured by the customer.

Design for Local Markets-The Caring for People Project-

Our philosophy of caring for people is embodied in our products worldwide.
By gaining an understanding of the cultural background and social situation of each location, we determine what functions local customers are looking for and provide them with a lifestyle of abundance through design.

Packaging-The Caring for People Project-

The packaging of our products also communicates the ways in which we care for people.
Our package design with an earth motif expresses the Basic Commitment of the Toshiba Group to the world community and the global environment..
The uniform design transcends individual products and identifies Toshiba at a glance.



Co-creating new values for society

Toshiba takes on the challenges of society with our customers by nurturing a shared perspective and a clear grasp of their needs.
Together we co-create a vision for the future, holistic solutions that answer unmet needs and effective ways to clearly communicate our customers' value

Conceptual Design

Drawing up a vision together

Working closely with our customers, we conduct on-site research and contextual interviews to gain deeper insights into unmet stakeholders' needs and issues, and map out a framework for the future.

Solution Design

Co-developing new solutions

We seek to design collaboratively with our customers, not only quality products but also well-considered services, and deliver holistic solutions that add value to their business.

Communication Design

Conveying customers' values

To effectively convey our customers' value, we develop the most optimal communication strategy and create powerful narratives and visualizations based on their distinctive business perspective.



UX design realizing a safe, secure and comfortable society

Remember the inspiring experiences that you've had with innovative and sophisticated products and services-and remember how you've shared these experiences while connecting with people. We believe such people-to-people interactions create positive change in society. Products plus user experiences. This mix is the recipe for Toshiba UX design. Drawing on the UX design concept, Toshiba helps create a safe, secure and comfortable society.

Toshiba UX design realizing a synergistic cycle of well-being

We imagine and create new synergistic experiences of our products and services, to empower, enrich and excite individuals, communities and society overall.
All our products and services are designed to embody our UX design concept of promoting a synergistic cycle of well-being for all.

Toshiba's UX design process is continuously evolving.

The first step in Toshiba's UX design process is to envision how we can contribute to the creation of a better society and future.
Once our vision is clear, the next step is to realize the "to-be" state, considering how people will experience products and services.
Throughout the entire UX design process, we focus on realizing a synergistic cycle of well-being for all.

UX design combines various methodologies in the conceptualization
-visualization-verification cycle to achieve optimal experience value.

Orchestrate a plan to observe and verify how users interact with products and services in terms of ergonomics, timeline and environment in order to maximize experience value.

Future forecast, Design discourse, Customer research, Understanding the latest technologies, Understanding the business, Task analysis, Creating value, Creating value, Business model canvas, Scenario method, Service blueprint, Information visualization, Usability testing, Long-term monitoring



We create valuable products that provide comfort and delight to each and every user.

The Toshiba Group is working to realize a society where everyone can live with peace of mind and comfort regardless of their age, gender and abilities.

Making the unusable usable, making the difficult easy.

We work on product and service development with people as our central focus through an ongoing cycle of "understand," "create" and "confirm."

Universal Design Advisor system

Under Toshiba's unique system, employees with disabilities and non-Japanese employees with a keen interest in universal design help to develop products that reflect UD concepts. Such participation takes many forms, including interviews, surveys, and product evaluations.



New value created from the user's standpoint.

We get involved at the earliest stage of creating a new business by facilitating the idea generation process. Leveraging our expansive business network and in-depth consumer insights, we produce ideas for new business models, products and services that serve the customers' needs. The results span a wide range of business domains from B-to-C to B-to-B, and continue to create future value.

The Toshiba Group is constantly working toward new concept innovation.

The Design Center creates new business and product ideas from the user's standpoint.

New Concept Innovation: Toshiba's unique and wide-ranging technologies are not only used in existing areas but also disseminated into new fields and industries, continuously promoting creative growth. The Toshiba Group uses the synergy of existing technologies to create new customer value. The challenges of new fields and industries: Extracting the needs of a customer from a new standpoint × The use of existing technology
Creating new business and product ideas from the user's standpoint. We envision changing user values from megatrends and fundamental human needs, and create new business proposals from the user's standpoint.

New Business Proposal Process-Creating new businesses and products not seen in the past, from the user's standpoint-

From the user's standpoint: Think of ideas from the user's standpoint to discover preconceptions (common sense and assumptions) latent in an idea. SHIFT: Structure preconceptions and SHIFT them to a new area or execute inverse thinking to induce idea conception. CTB conception: Add the technological standpoint (T) and business standpoint (B) to the consumer's standpoint (C) and refine the idea.


Since 1953, the Toshiba Design Center has been one of the most competitive and exceptional in-house design divisions in Japan, receiving a number of international awards. Incorporating Toshiba's innovative technologies, the Design Center contributes to the creation of top-quality products, services and new businesses.

Design fields

The Design Center's activities encompass a wide range of fields, from image, information and home appliance product design to conceptual, solution and communication design for social infrastructure, in addition to the design of new products and services and the formulation of business proposals. In all of these areas we take the customer's standpoint and propose various values.

  • Product design
  • UX design
  • New business proposal
  • Social infrastructure design
  • Universal design
  • Intellectual property protection

Award history

Toshiba's designs and services have received high recognition throughout Japan as well as overseas.