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Toshiba Group Exhibits at Eco-Products 2012 Exhibition in Tokyo

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[11 January, 2013]

From December 13 to 15, 2012, Toshiba Group exhibited at Eco-Products 2012 exhibition in Tokyo. The Eco-Products exhibition is one of the largest environmental exhibitions in Japan, launched in 1999. The theme for Eco-Products 2012 was "The Greener, The Smarter -The Future We Will Choose," and the companies showed the innovative technologies and solutions for business, or appealed their products to consumers including children as the future consumers. Also, the national and local governments, NPOs, NGOs, and educational institutes introduced their activities and examples to solve environmental issues. During the 3 days, more than 170,000 business people and consumers in total visited.

The theme of Toshiba Group booth was "eco style for Our Life, for Our Society," and the booth was divided into 3 zones, "Life," "Society," and "Communication." Power-saving products including LED lightings, PCs, TVs, refrigerators and other home appliances, SCiB™ rechargeable battery, renewable energy generation technologies, and technologies to control energy usage efficiently including CEMS and HEMS were displayed, demonstrating how Toshiba Group is contributing to realization of Smart Community. In addition, "Smart Ninja," an interactive exhibition of Smart Community and Toshiba Group's initiatives towards conservation of biodiversity were introduced at the booth as well.

The 9th Eco-Products Awards Ceremony was held on the opening day at the venue, and Toshiba Medical Systems Corp.'s CT System received Chairperson's Award, Eco-Products Awards Steering Committee, and Toshiba Lighting & Technology Corp.'s HEMS System received Chairperson's Award, Eco-Products Awards Steering Committee. Also, Toshiba Corp. and Taisei Corp. jointly received Excellence Award for Energy Saving Product for their "Smart DC Office."

Besides, on the second day the 9th LCA Society of Japan Awards Ceremony was held, and Toshiba Corp. and Toshiba Medical Systems Corp. received an encouragement award respectively for their continuous effort in terms of LCA.

[Image] Toshiba Group Booth
Toshiba Group Booth

[Image] Life Zone
Life Zone

[Image] Society Zone
Society Zone

[Image] Communication Zone
Communication Zone

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