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Evaluations [FY2014]


Evaluation of products

11th Eco-Products Awards Chairman's Award (Eco Product Category) Superconducting magnet whole-body MRI system Vantage Elan™ Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation
Chairman's Award (Eco Service Category) Environmentally conscious lighting system for cultural properties Toshiba Lighting & Technology Corporation
FY2014 Minister of the Environment's Award for Activities to Mitigate Global Warming (Technology Development and Commercialization Category) Development and commercialization of a POS system that employs a vertical scanner for image processing Toshiba TEC Corporation
2014 Grand Prize for Excellence in Energy Efficiency and Conservation Product and Business Model Category Chairman of the Energy Conservation Center Japan's Prize EcoCute for home use ESTIA Premium Model Toshiba Carrier Corporation
LED lighting equipped with Toshiba's Only-One technology Toshiba Lighting & Technology Corporation
City of Kawasaki's Low CO2 Kawasaki Brand 2014 Certification in the Product and Technology Category Phased array weather radar Toshiba Corp. Komukai Operations
Bullet train automatic ticket gate EG-7000
Kawasaki Mechanism Certification System Solid-state multiparameter (MP) weather radar Toshiba Corp. Komukai Operations
Bullet train automatic ticket gate EG-7000
FY2014 Awards for Engineers Who Have Made Distinguished Contributions in the Electric Industry Encouragement Award Development of an inverter electric balancer Nishishiba Electric Co., Ltd.
Improvement in the efficiency of high-frequency induction furnaces Kitashiba Electric Co., Ltd.
18th Energy Winner Award in Korea Energy Saving Award (Green Product Category) Air-cooled heat pump chiller Universal Smart X Toshiba Carrier Corporation
Imaging Society of Japan Technology Award Loops paper reuse system Toshiba TEC Corporation
Mathematical Systems Science and Its Applications 2013 Outstanding Paper Award Development of an Energy-saving Function for Elevator-group Control by Dynamically Controlling the Number of Moving Elevators Toshiba Corp. Corporate Research & Development Center
 Yoshiyuki Sakamaki and Hisashi Yamada
Toshiba Research Consulting Corporation
 Toshiaki Tanaka
Toshiba Elevator and Building Systems Corporation
 Toshio Sugihara

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Evaluation of business activities

FY2014 Awards for Resource-Recycling Technologies and Systems The METI Minister Award Collection and recycling of artificial fluorite from waste hydrofluoric acid Toshiba Corporation, Asahi Glass Co., Ltd., and Organo Corporation
FY2014 Minister of the Environment's Award for Activities to Mitigate Global Warming Activity Implementation and Promotion Category Activities to mitigate climate change through effective energy-saving measures and contributions to local communities Toshiba Corp. Fuchu Operations
FY2014 Awarding of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Promotion Manager 3Rs' Promotion Council Chairman's Award Initiative for effective use of resources in the manufacture of NAND flash memories Toshiba Corp. Yokkaichi Operations
11th LCA Society of Japan Award Honorable Award Life-cycle evaluation and utilization of wrapping and packaging materials for electrical and electronic products Toshiba Logistics Corporation and Toshiba Corporation
FY2014 Fuchu City Environmental Conservation Contribution Awards Testimonial of contribution to environmental conservation Initiatives for promoting environmental conservation in Fuchu City Toshiba Corp. Fuchu Operations
FY2014 Fukushima Protocol (business and production site version): Past Experience Award (Office and Store Category) Contribution to the mitigation of climate change through CO2 emissions reduction campaigns at business and production sites Toshiba Alpine Automotive Technology Corp.
FY2014 Akita Prefecture Environmental Grand Prize Grand Prize in the Environmental Beautification Category Planting hydrangeas on roads in and around the industrial complex Toshiba Social Automation Systems Co., Ltd.'s Akita Operations
Iwate Prefecture Eco Action Awards Award Contribution to mitigation of climate change through environmental programs, including energy-saving and 3R activities Iwate Toshiba Electronics Co., Ltd.
Niigata Prefecture Commendation for Production Sites with Outstanding Recycling Performance Zero emissions activities Toshiba Home Technology Corporation
FY2014 Kanagawa Earth Environment Awards Award (Earth Environment Conservation Activity Category) Environmental conservation activities Toshiba Corp. Yokohama Complex
Toshiba Lighting & Technology Corporation
Isogo Ward Green Curtain Panel Exhibition Isogo Ward Chief's Award (Production Site Category) Creation of green curtains Toshiba Corp. Yokohama Complex
Third Mie Environmental Grand Prize Award (Environmental Management Category) Development of products having the industry's highest level of major environmental performance, energy-saving in manufacturing processes, environmental CSR activities rooted in local communities, etc. Toshiba Corp. Mie Operations
Commendation for Advanced Companies in the Hangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone Certification as a clean manufacturing company Environmentally conscious manufacturing processes Hangzhou Toshiba Home Technology Electronics Co., Ltd.
Certification as a company that manages power balance Energy-saving manufacturing processes Hangzhou Toshiba Home Technology Electronics Co., Ltd.
Shenyang City Environmentally Conscious Company Hongbang Environmental management Toshiba Elevator (Shenyang) Co., Ltd.
Shenyang City Environmentally Counscious Evaluation Green company Environmental management Toshiba Elevator (Shenyang) Co., Ltd.
Guangdong Province Clean Manufacturing Company Energy-saving activities, waste reduction, and other clean production activities Toshiba HA Manufacturing (Nanhai) Co., Ltd.
Singapore 3R Packaging Awards Gold Award Reduction in use of wooden pallets Toshiba TEC Singapore Pte. Ltd.
Green Industry Certification Level 3 (Green System) Systematic environmental management Toshiba Hokuto Electronic Devices (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
CII Southern Region Environment, Health and Safety Award 2014 3 Star Rating Environmental work safety and health activities Toshiba Carrier (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Best Safety Professional Award Best Environmental Health & Safety Professional Environmental work safety and health activities Toshiba JSW Power Systems Private Ltd.
Annual CATIE Awards Greening of the Supply Chain Award; First Place Guidance for suppliers on CO2 emissions reductions Toshiba of Canada, Ltd.

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Evaluation of communication programs

Third Kawasaki City Smart Life Style Awards Grand Prize Global Environmental Action Toshiba Corporation
Encouragement Award Environmentally conscious initiatives and enlightenment activities for six neighborhood associations near the site Toshiba Corp. Komukai Operations
18th Environmental Communication Awards Environmental Report Category Evaluation Committee Special Award Environmental Report 2014, CSR Report 2014, Annual Report 2014 (Operational Review), Annual Report 2014 (Financial Review) Toshiba Corporation
Excellence Award (Environmental TV Commercial Category) Ten Years of LED and You Toshiba Corporation
FY2014 Kansai Eco-Office Grand Prize Initiatives for reviewing rules for sorted collection of plastics and environmental communication Toshiba Corp. Himeji Operations-Semiconductor
Awards for Ongoing Corporate Citizenship Activities for Local Communities Ongoing Contribution Award Holding environmental reporting meetings with local communities for 10 years running Iwate Toshiba Electronics Co., Ltd.
Environmental Conservation Pioneering Company Large-scale environmental conservation activities in collaboration with local government organizations and local residents Toshiba HA Manufacturing (Nanhai) Co., Ltd.
Environmental Protection Bureau Director-General's Award in the Hangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone Making postcards that promote water environment conservation and donating them to schools in the company's vicinity Toshiba Information Equipment (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd.

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Evaluation related to biodiversity

2014 Biodiversity Action Awards Japan Committee's Award Biodiversity conservation activities and contributions to mainstreaming at 64 business and production sites worldwide Toshiba Group
Award Breeding of golden venus chubs and expansion of their protected habitat Toshiba Corp. Himeji Operations-Semiconductor
FY2014 Kawasaki City Award for Environmental Contribution Initiatives for maintaining areas planted with trees and for biodiversity conservation Toshiba Corp. Hamakawasaki Operations
Mother Nature Awards Best Company Award Biodiversity conservation activities Toshiba Information Equipment (Philippines), Inc.

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Evaluation by the mass media and SRI

18th Nikkei Environmental Management Level Survey Second place in the manufacturing industry Toshiba Corporation
Fourth place in reputation rankings
CDP Disclosure score: 100 points; performance Band: A rating Toshiba Corporation

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