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Editing Policy

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To provide detailed environmental information to our stakeholders, Toshiba Group has published the Environmental Report since 1998. The content of the 2017 edition includes information on the Sixth Environmental Action Plan, which was formulated based on a long-term vision, as well as on our activities with regard to mitigation of climate change, efficient use of resources, and management of chemicals in our manufacturing and products / services. To understand how global environmental issues affect our business, we also analyzed risks and opportunities regarding each issue.

The overview of Toshiba Group's ESG information publicly disclosed, including information other than environmental data, is shown below.

Financial information

Annual report
Providing mainly financial information, but also a non-financial information overview.

[Image] Annual report

Website for Investor Relations
Providing financial information and timely disclosure information.

[Image] Website for Investor Relations

Non-financial information

CSR Report
Providing detailed information on CSR activities

[Image] CSR Report

  • CSR Report *2017 edition scheduled to be published in February 2018.

Website for CSR Activities
Providing information on CSR activities

[Image] Website for CSR Activities

Environmental Report
Providing detailed information on environmental activities

[Image] Environmental Report

Website for Environmental Activities
Providing information on environmental activities

[Image] Website for Environmental Activities

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Organizations covered
In principle, this report covers Toshiba Group (Toshiba Corporation and its 445 consolidated subsidiaries in Japan and overseas). In cases where the report covers entities other than Toshiba Group, the individual entities are indicated.
  • * In this report, “Toshiba” refers to Toshiba Corporation.
Reporting period
This report focuses on the results of activities in FY2016 (from April 1, 2016 to March 31, 2017), but includes some activities continuing from the past and some more recent activities.
The current issue was published in January 2018 (The publication of the next issue is scheduled for December 2018; the previous issue was published in December 2016).
Significant changes during the reporting period
The organizations covered have changed due to the following circumstances:
  • Toshiba Lifestyle Products & Services Corporation was excluded as a result of the transfer of 80.1% of its stock to the Chinese corporation Midea Group in June 2016.
  • The Westinghouse group was excluded from Toshiba Group as the corporate rehabilitation procedure for Westinghouse Electric Company and other companies started based on Chapter 11 of the U.S. Federal Bankruptcy Code in March 2017.
Note on performance data
  • Unless specifically noted, figures for benchmark years, actual results, and targeted values are all calculated based on data in the boundary at the time when data on results for FY2016 was gathered.
Reference guidelines
  • GRI (Global Reporting Initiative)
    Sustainability Reporting Guidelines Fourth Edition (G4)
    Note: The GRI Content Index is shown on our website.
  • Ministry of the Environment of Japan
    Environmental Reporting Guidelines 2012
    Environmental Accounting Guidelines 2005
Ensuring universal design in terms of color vision
We made efforts to ensure the text and charts herein are easy to read for as many readers as possible irrespective of differences in color vision. For details, please visit our website for environmental activities.
This report includes descriptions of Toshiba Group's future plans and strategies, as well as prospects of its financial results. These descriptions and prospects are based on matters decided and opinions formed using information that is obtainable at this time.

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