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Business (Manufacturing)


Medium- to Long-term Vision

In response to climate change,
we will reduce GHG emissions from our Group's business activities
by 28%(from the FY2019 level) by FY2030,

thereby reducing GHG emissions toward 2050 throughout the entire value chain to contribute to realizing a net zero emissions society.

FY2019 Achievements

Total GHG emissions 1.14million t-CO2

Waste volumes 35,000tons

The amount of water received per unit production 87% (Compared to FY2013 level)

The total amount of chemicals discharged per unit production 59% (Compared to FY2013 level)

Future Challenges and Approaches

Toshiba Group aims to reduce our GHG emissions by responding to climate change from a long-term perspective under the "Environmental Future Vision 2050," and we will also promote the reduction of waste volume and the total amount of chemicals discharged to contribute to realizing a sustainable society.

Toshiba Group is pursuing high-efficiency manufacturing that minimizes resource inputs in production processes in Japan and abroad, eliminates unnecessary tasks in manufacturing processes, and reduces to minimum emissions into the atmosphere and waters, thus simultaneously reducing environmental impacts and costs.

We aim to contribute to resolving climate change and other environmental issues by making efforts to reduce environmental impacts through the following two initiatives: "improvement of plant infrastructure efficiency," which refers to efforts to grasp energy consumption appropriately in order to ensure effective improvement of equipment operation and introduce high-efficiency equipment, and "process innovation," which aims to achieve sustainable manufacturing in collaboration with all involved divisions.

High-efficiency manufacturing
[Image] High-efficiency manufacturing

Environmental impacts of business operations
[Image] Environmental impacts of business operations

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