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Environmental Audits

Toshiba Group's environmental audit system

After conducting environmental audits for the first time in 1989, Toshiba Group developed a comprehensive environmental audit system and has been using the system since FY1993 to conduct audits based on standards established by the group. The audit system initially developed was composed of four categories: (1) management system audits (environmental promotion systems, etc.), (2) on-site audits (levels of compliance with rules regarding environmental facilities, etc.), (3) VPE audits (levels of achievement of goals set in the voluntary plan), and (4) technology audits (product environment management system, environmental performance, etc.). Audits were conducted over two days to check these items. The most unique of these categories was on-site audits, reflecting the shop-floor approach. This approach is incorporated into the environmental audits of sites conducted today.

Environmental technology audits of products became an independent category in FY1995. Environmental management audits were started in FY2004 to evaluate the level of environmental management in key group companies.

Toshiba Group's environmental audit system
[Image] Toshiba Group's environmental audit system

Since FY2006, these multiple audits have been systematized so that they can be conducted as one of three types: (1) environmental management audits covering key group companies, (2) environmental technology audits of products covering various divisions, and (3) environmental audits of sites covering production sites and non-production sites that consume large amounts of power. Group companies conduct self-audits (self-inspections) within their companies based on the same standards in order to check business and production sites with relatively low levels of environmental impacts that are not covered by site environment audits.

Audit items for these three audits are reviewed annually to improve the evaluation level. Since FY2012, we have evaluated the level of environmental management based on audit items linked to the goals of the Fifth Environmental Action Plan, thus stepping up environmental management. To further enhance environmental management, starting in FY2017 we will evaluate the level of environmental management based on audit items linked to the goals of the Sixth Environmental Action Plan.

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Audit results (FY2016)

Environmental management audit (total number of check items: 72)
[Image] Environmental management audit

Environmental technology audit of products (total number of check items: 40)
[Image] Environmental technology audit of products

Environmental audit of sites (total number of check items: 220)
[Image] Environmental audit of sites

We conduct over 300 audits, including self-audits, annually, and the total number of audits conducted since FY1993 exceeds 4,300. We also provide in-house training for auditors who conduct audits.

Toshiba Group's environmental audit records
[Image] Toshiba Group's environmental audit records

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Performance Evaluation System

Reflecting the level of environmental management in performance evaluation

We evaluate the environmental management of in-house companies and key group companies based on Toshiba Group's comprehensive environmental audit system. Out of 68 items spread among 25 categories in the 5 areas of environmental management audits, we extract high priority items each fiscal year as evaluation items to evaluate environmental management. In FY2016, we extracted 16 items from 6 categories in the following 5 areas to perform quantitative evaluation: (1) Environmental policies and systems; (2) Legal compliance and risk management; (3) Business processes; (4) Products and services; and (5) Information disclosure and communication. Also, we submit evaluation results to the Evaluation Committee to reflect the results in each company’s performance evaluation.

Performance evaluation system
[Image] Performance evaluation system

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