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Ensuring Environmental Risk Compliance

Compliance with environmental laws and regulations

We, Toshiba Group, are pursuing the highest standard of compliance with environmental regulations and requirements that relate to our products and services. To this end, we implement control over the entire process, from development and design through to shipment, and ask our customers for their cooperation. We have also independently set discharge/emission limits that are stricter than legal requirements in order to manage discharges/emissions into the water/air during manufacturing. Each plant obeys these limits.

Through in-house environmental audits, we identify potential risks in our business activities and implement measures to prevent environmental incidents and violations of laws. At the same time, we make the most of opportunities such as company-wide environmental education, environmental auditor certification training, and the Corporate Environmental Management Committee meeting to internally share the audit results for each site and business division, the latest trends in laws and regulations, and incidents that have occurred within the group. Through these actions, we carry out activities comprehensively.

Regrettably, however, there were three legal violations in FY2019. We will promptly and appropriately address them and make greater efforts in recurrence prevention and compliance management.

Himeji Operations – Semiconductor, Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation (March 2020)

  • Unreported construction of a facility specified in the Act on Special Measures concerning the Conservation of the Environment of the Seto Inland Sea
  • Failure to submit a request to check compliance with the proviso of Article 3 of the Soil Contamination Countermeasures Act
  • Failure to notify the government of the construction of a facility specified under Hyogo prefecture's "Ordinance Pertaining to Environmental Preservation and Creation"

The Sixth Environmental Action Plan states that ensuring the highest standard of environmental risk and compliance management is a top priority task for management, and promotes specific measures to prevent risks in products and services as well as manufacturing.

In FY2019, in the area of products and services, we improved compliance by gathering information on environmental laws and regulations worldwide, sharing such information through meetings, and implementing human resource development measures. In the area of manufacturing, we held a meeting with the personnel in charge of environmental affairs at Chinese sites. At this meeting, we used case examples of legal violations that occurred in China to discuss recurrence prevention measures and to further strengthen compliance at these manufacturing sites.

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Responses to environmental risks

The Risk Compliance Committee examines how to cope with diversified risks under the direct supervision of the Chairman and President and also takes measures to prevent environmental risks.

If any environmental risk should materialize, Corporate Environment Management Office works in collaboration with environmental promotion managers and related persons of key group companies and the sites under the direction of the Corporate Environmental Officer to implement appropriate measures, including sharing information, checking relevant business and production sites, and preventing recurrence.

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