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Compliance with Environmental Laws and Regulations [Past Cases]

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Toshiba Digital Frontiers Corporation

[July 2015]

Failed to submit reports on the issuance of Industrial Waste Manifests to the relevant authorities.

Toshiba Hydro Power (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. (China)

[March 2015]

Received an order to suspend painting operations and penalties due to deficiencies in an exhaust ventilation system.

Shenzhen Shenzhi Precision Parts Co., Ltd. (China)

[August 2014]

Subjected to penalties for inadequate reporting of the test operation of an automatic cleaning machine.

Toshiba Corp. Keihin Product Operations

[June 2014]

Oil flowed out from a rainwater outlet into the ocean.

Error in the energy-saving product label on our high-definition recorders

[April 28, 2009]

Description errors were discovered in the label of our high-definition recorder model (RD-S303) at the beginning of FY2009. We sincerely apologize for these errors. We immediately reported the errors to related government agencies and requested all Toshiba Group companies to take measures to prevent recurrence.

  • Detailed information on the description errors and corrections is presented on our website (In Japanese Only).

Yokkaichi Operations, Toshiba Corporation

Violation of rules discovered in Yokkaichi Operations

[July to August 2008]

Inappropriate reporting regarding the High-Pressure Gas Safety Act was discovered in the Yokkaichi Operations, about which Toshiba Corporation received a warning from Mie Prefecture. We submitted an additional report to Mie Prefecture on another case of inappropriate reporting discovered in a company inspection subsequently conducted. We apologize for trouble and inconvenience we have caused related parties.

  • Detailed information on the inappropriate reporting and measures taken to prevent recurrence is presented on our website (In Japanese Only).

Keihin Product Operations, Toshiba Corp.

Zinc was detected in the discharged water at the drain outlet. The amount exceeded the legally permissible level.

[July 2007]

Because an abnormal volume of zinc was detected in the regular voluntary discharged water measurement, the discharge was immediately stopped and the details were reported to the government. Subsequently, determination of the cause and recurrence prevention were conducted.

TERM Corporation

Zinc was detected in the water discharged from the outlet as sewage. The amount exceeded the legally permissible value under the city ordinance.

[July 2007]

During the regular voluntary inspection, zinc was detected in the discharged water following the cleaning of the washing machine demolition site. The amount exceeded the legally permissible criterion value (1.5mg/L). The criterion value is 1.0mg/L) for sewage and discharged water under the city ordinance. The discharge was stopped immediately and preventive measures were taken.

Toshiba Carrier Corp.

It accepted the administrative advice document from the Ministry of the Environment and the Ministry of the Economy, Trade and Industry to comply steadily with the Electric Appliance Recycling Law.

[July 2007]

An accident involving leakage of cooling medium collected from air conditioners during a collection operation occurred in an A group recycling plant (Kazo City, Saitama Prefecture).

Corporate Research & Development Center, Toshiba Corp.

The pH value of the discharged water temporarily exceeded the legally permissible level of Kawasaki City.

[September 2007]

When the water flowed into the newly created discharging path during switching of the same due to the in-plant construction, retained water and mud that were in contact with the new concrete was swept away and the pH value temporarily rose to 9.05 (the legally permissible range of Kawasaki City is between 5 and 9).

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