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Environmental Education and Human Resource Development

In order to raise the level of our environmental activities, we provide environmental education to all employees. Our environmental education scheme consists of (1) management education, (2) general education, (3) ISO 14001 education, and (4) specialized education. We implement curricula appropriate for different posts, occupational roles, and specializations, and we review the content annually to ensure we always share up-to-date information.

Environmental education system
[Image] Environmental education system

Environmental e-learning

[Image] E-learning material for FY2019
E-learning material for FY2019

We hold an annual environmental e-learning program in which all employees worldwide participate. This program effectively deepens employees' understanding of global environmental issues and the efforts made by Toshiba Group.

Education for new employees

[Image] 新入社員教育

To encourage new employees to become businesspeople and members of society with high environmental awareness, we provide them with interactive environmental education every April.

Education for auditors

Toshiba Group internally trains auditors for environmental audits, which we started to conduct in 1993. In the training program for site environmental auditors, the first screening uses off-the-job training, onsite training, and a written examination to determine who passes. Those who pass the first screening then take part in actual audits as support staff members and submit reports to become certified as auditors. Product environmental technology auditors are certified after they complete off-the-job training and pass a written examination. In FY2019, 16 site environmental auditors, 8 product environmental technology auditors, and 4 overseas auditors were certified. Currently, a total of 336 individuals have been certified as auditors.

Site environmental auditor certification process
[Image] Site environmental auditor certification process

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