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Green Management

Initiatives for Green Management

Green Management is an initiative aiming at continuously improving the foundation of environmental management, such as the development of personnel responsible for environmental activities, environmental management systems, and environmental communication as well as conservation of biodiversity. Toshiba Group not only gives top priority to complying with laws and regulations but also provides environmental training to all employees. The Group will further acquire ISO 14001 certification for new overseas business and production sites, and based on our unique environmental audit system, we also strive to promote environmental management, develop environmentally conscious products, check environmental activities at our business and production sites, and raise the level of our environmental activities. Regarding environmental communication, we communicate information on the environmental aspects of our production activities as well as our products and services in addition to promoting initiatives that encourage collaboration with stakeholders, social contribution programs, and so forth in various countries and territories of the world in order to think about environmental issues together. To conserve biodiversity, we are working to optimize the locations of business and production sites as well as procurement of resources in business operations in accordance with the biodiversity guidelines and to minimize the effects of hazardous substances discharged into the environment. At the same time, we are advancing initiatives that contribute to the conservation of biodiversity through social contribution programs developed in cooperation with local governments and nonprofit organizations.

Initiatives in FY2014

The Fifth Environmental Action Plan sets three goals for environmental activities, one of which is conservation of biodiversity. Toshiba Group is striving to globally develop ecosystem networks in which our business and production sites play a central role in collaboration with local communities, thus promoting biodiversity conservation that makes the most of each site's characteristics. In FY2014, we chose indicators for all 66 sites and started measuring effects at 44 locations. Another goal is environmental education and human resources development; we are developing Toshiba eco-style leaders, who play a leading role in each site's environmental activities. We will step up environmental activities at each site by globally registering 2,000 employees as Toshiba eco-style leaders by FY2015. In FY2014, 800 employees were registered in Japan and abroad. The third goal is environmental communication. Toshiba Group is expanding environmental communication to connect people around the world by encouraging all of our approximately 200,000 employees to carry out environmental activities that tie-in closely to local communities throughout the world. In FY2014, we conducted some 150 environmental programs at 110 sites in 20 countries globally.

Initiatives for Green Management
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