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Medium- to Long-Term Vision

  • Environmental risks & compliance: Strengthening of internal management to comply with laws and regulations/Thorough implementation of internal education
  • Environmental communication: Information disclosure & publicity / Networking with stakeholders
  • Biodiversity conservation: Activities on and off the premises of Toshiba sites that support the "Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework"

FY2019 Achievements

  • Environmental risks & compliance: We further improved compliance by aggregating information on global laws and regulations, sharing information, and training human resources, and we strengthened compliance with laws and regulations at production sites by holding meetings for personnel in charge of environmental affairs in China.
  • Environmental communication: We held education programs for children and internal environmental seminar in Japan and carried out more than 600 Environmental Actions worldwide.
  • Biodiversity conservation: We implemented activities to achieve the Aichi Targets at 63 sites worldwide.

Future Challenges and Approaches

Under the "Environmental Future Vision 2050," Toshiba Group will continue to strengthen the basis of our environmental management to become a sustainable company that meets society's expectations.

In an effort to support "Business" activities for manufacturing as well as products and services, Toshiba Group is also promoting "Management" initiatives to enhance its basis for environmental management. In management, we give priority to full compliance. We are increasing the level of compliance activities by maintaining a compliance check system using our own environmental audit system and by implementing environmental education for employees and human resource development programs. Moreover, we engage in a wide variety of activities to further strengthen the basis of our environmental management. For example, we are enhancing information disclosure and creating networks with stakeholders in the area of environmental communication, and we are contributing to the achievement of the Aichi Targets, which are international targets, in the field of biodiversity conservation.

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