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Compliance and Management

Aiming to become the most excellent company in environmental management

In order to steadily implement the Environmental Action Plan, which is an action plan to realize the Environmental Vision that was developed based on the Basic Policy for the Environment, Toshiba Group is working to strengthen its foundation of environmental management. Specifically, the Group is promoting initiatives from three perspectives: establishment of a management system, training and human resource development, and environmental auditing. In terms of establishment of a management system, under the leadership of the Corporate Environmental Management Committee (a group-wide decision-making organization for environmental management), we have organized meetings and committees according to the issues to be addressed and regional characteristics. Thus, we have established a system that enables us to advance environmental management on a global scale. As part of our training and human resource development programs, we provide a wide range of environmental education to all employees, not to mention ensuring compliance with laws and ordinances. One program initiated in FY2012 is to develop eco-style leaders who lead environmental initiatives at each business and production site, and our plans call for the development of 2,000 such leaders globally by FY2015. As for environmental auditing, we have established an environmental management system based on ISO14001 at all sites, and in accordance with Toshiba Group's unique environmental audit system that covers the management of in-house companies, product divisions, and production sites, we review progress in environmental management, ECP development, and environmental action plans at business departments as well as raise the overall level of environmental activities.

In addition, as a tool for promoting environmental management efficiently and effectively, we have globally established an environmental management information system to manage and analyze the results of environmental audits as well as in-house environmental information and environmental accounting data and to manage these in an integrate manner. Furthermore, we have created a performance evaluation system for in-house and key group companies to reflect environmental management initiatives in performance evaluations. In this way, we are pushing through initiatives to improve the level of our environmental activities.

Compliance and management strategies
[Image] Compliance and management strategies

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