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Environmental Management Structure

Environmental Management Structure

Toshiba Group is promoting environmental management worldwide as a group. There are four pillars upholding our environmental management: (1) strengthening of the management structure, (2) provision of environmentally conscious products and services, (3) development of environmentally conscious manufacturing, sales, and processes, and (4) promotion of environmental communication. We take active measures to promote initiatives focused on these objectives.

Corporate Environment Management Office develops and implements important corporate-level policies, strategies, and measures with the approval of senior managers and makes them fully known to all personnel of the company. Specifically, Toshiba semiannually convenes the Corporate Environmental Management Committee, a group-wide decision-making organization regarding environmental management chaired by the Corporate Environmental Officer, which consists of environmental promotion managers of key group companies and corporate staff division managers. Meetings of the Committee make proposals for environmental measures related to management, technological development, production, and sales; confirm and follow up on the progress of the Environmental Action Plan to achieve the Environmental Vision; discuss and decide the overall policy and plans for environmental management; and make the company-wide policy fully known to all managers and employees.

Toshiba Group environmental management structure
[Image] Toshiba Group environmental management structure

[Image] Corporate Environmental Management Committee
Corporate Environmental Management Committee

The following committees are organized as subgroups of the Corporate Environmental Management Committee: the Product Committee, which manages the development of environmentally conscious products and technologies, and the Business Process Committee, which promotes efforts to reduce the environmental impacts in business activities. These committees formulate detailed plans, identify potential problems, review measures implemented to solve problems, and promote the sharing of information among all company members. Various working groups specializing in particular themes are engaged in activities in a wide range of areas under the supervision of these committees.

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Global environmental management structure

Toshiba Group has established a corporate regional headquarters in China, where we have an especially large number of production sites, to ensure local environmental management. In addition, in Europe, the U.S., and Asia-Oceania, we work together with the relevant regional headquarters to collect and share information on environmental policies and regulations in each region and to collaborate and provide support for group companies in these regions to develop effective environmental strategies.

We also have an auditing system through which we provide training for local auditors who conduct the environmental audits of overseas sites.

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