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Environmental Management Structure

Environmental Management Structure

We, the entire Toshiba Group, are promoting environmental management worldwide.

The Corporate Environment Management Office drafts and promotes important policies, strategies, and measures to be enforced throughout the group. It obtains executive officers' approval of these policies, strategies, and measures and then implements them throughout the group. More specifically, it semiannually convenes the Corporate Environmental Management Committee, which is a decision-making body for the entire group and consists of the Corporate Environmental Officer as the chair, environmental promotion managers of key group companies, and corporate staff division managers. At committee meetings, it makes recommendations on environmental measures related to management, design, procurement, manufacturing, logistics, sales, and disposal. It also checks and follows up on the progress of the Environmental Action Plan, which has been formulated to achieve the Environmental Vision. It discusses and decides the future direction and plans, and ensures that corporate policies are implemented throughout the group. Among the important environmental measures and policies discussed at Corporate Environmental Management Committee meetings, critical issues related to management are reported to the President by the Corporate Environmental Officer at management committee meetings or executive officer meetings. These issues are also reported roughly twice a year to all directors, including outside directors, at board of directors meetings. What is discussed and decided upon at board of directors meetings is reflected in our group's management strategy.

Toshiba Group environmental management structure
[Image] Toshiba Group environmental management structure

Under the Corporate Environmental Management Committee, there are two subcommittees: the Product Committee, which manages the development of environmentally conscious products and technologies, and the Business Process Committee, which promotes efforts to reduce the environmental impacts caused by business activities. With these subcommittees, the Corporate Environment Management Office develops detailed plans, identifies issues, explores solutions to the identified issues, and shares information across the group. Note that under these subcommittees, specialized working groups set themes and engage in activities that cover a wide variety of fields.

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Global environmental management structure

Toshiba Group has a particularly large number of production sites in China. To ensure proper environmental management there, we have established a local department in charge of the environment. In Europe, the U.S., and Asia-Oceania, we work with the relevant regional headquarters to formulate environmental measures in each region, to gather and share information on trends in laws and regulations, and to provide cooperation and assistance to group companies in these regions with respect to their environmental efforts.

Moreover, we are training local auditors under the Toshiba Group environmental audit system to conduct environmental audits of overseas sites.

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ISO 14001

With regard to promotion of environmental management, we place importance on worksite environmental efforts and currently have obtained 62 certifications within Toshiba Group.

In many of our business fields, we have strived to develop comprehensive environmental management systems including integrated certification that covers our head office, sales offices, factories and group companies.

Number of ISO 14001 certifications
Business domains Number of certifications
Toshiba Corporation 7
Energy Systems & Solutions 7 (including integrated certification)
Infrastructure Systems & Solutions 14 (including integrated certification)
Retail & Printing Solutions 14 (including integrated certification)
Electronic Devices & Storage Solutions 5 (including integrated certification)
Digital Solutions 3 (including integrated certification)
Building Solutions 14 (including integrated certification)
Other (Toshiba Plant Systems & Services Corporation) 1(integrated certification)
Total 65

Note : As of October 30, 2020

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Environmental Management Information System

We have developed an Environmental Management Information System in order to collect and manage environmental data required to promote environmental management.

The Environmental Management Information System makes it possible to centrally manage and register not only performance data, such as energy consumption required for business activities and the amount of waste generated from these activities, but also environmental accounting information and the results of site environment audits. It covers all consolidated subsidiaries within the scope of management of Toshiba Group (331 companies in FY2019) and is accessible from countries around the world.

Global support system
[Image] Global support system

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