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Soil and Groundwater Purification

Toshiba Group is working to purify contaminated soil and groundwater by ascertaining the present condition of soil and groundwater at its production sites. The Group is also taking safety measures for environment-related equipment to prevent contamination with chemicals and reduce environmental risks. A survey of all production sites confirmed contamination at 12 sites, where soil and groundwater contamination with volatile organic compounds (VOCs) have been purified, and the results are being monitored. VOCs in groundwater are collected and eliminated mainly using the water pumping method.

Toshiba Group uses the water pumping method to purify soil and groundwater mainly in areas with high concentrations of VOCs, but if the VOC concentration in such areas is lowered due to progress in purification, the Group takes such measures as stepping up water pumping efforts in other areas with relatively high VOC concentrations. In FY2017, the Group collected 337 kg of VOCs. The amount collected was about 7% less compared to FY2016, but this is chiefly because the amount of VOCs collected per liter of water pumped is gradually decreasing due to the progress made in purification through drastic measures that make the most of the opportunity presented by land modifications, methodological changes (from water pumping to in-situ purification), and declines in relative concentrations of VOCs as a result of purification.

While continuing to purify contaminated soil and groundwater through appropriate methods based on laws and regulations as well as progress and trends in purification technology of the times, Toshiba Group will strive to ensure full communication with local governments and residents in neighboring areas through tours of purification facilities and other public relations activities.

Purification of soil and groundwater contaminated with volatile organic compounds

Production sites Location Progress in purification Purification method*1 Amount collected*2
Former site of Asia Electronics Inc.'s Yokohama Operation Center Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture Being monitored*3 A,E,G
Toshiba Corporation Komukai Complex Kawasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture Purification in progress A,G 43.8
Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation Himeji Operations-Semiconductor Taishi Town, Ibo County, Hyogo Prefecture Being monitored (North district) D,F,G
Purification in progress (South district) A,F 122.4
Japan Semiconductor Corporation
Oita Operations
Oita, Oita Prefecture Being monitored G
Toshiba Carrier Corporation
Fuji Factory & Engineering Center
Fuji, Shizuoka Prefecture Purification in progress A,B 75.0
Toshiba Carrier Corporation
Tsuyama Factory
Tsuyama, Okayama Prefecture Purification in progress A,B 0.1
Kawamata Seiki Corporation Kawamata Town, Date County, Fukushima Prefecture Purification in progress A Less than 0.01
Former site of Toshiba Shomei Precision Corporation's Kawasaki Works Kawasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture Being monitored A,B,F
Former site of Toshiba Lighting & Technology Corporation's Iwase Works Sakuragawa, Ibaraki Prefecture Purification in progress A Less than 0.01
Lighting Device & Fixture Corporation Ibaraki Plant Joso, Ibaraki Prefecture Being monitored A,B
Former site of former Toshiba Components Co., Ltd. Kimitsu Operation Center Kimitsu, Chiba Prefecture Purification in progress A,B 96.0
Purification method: (A) groundwater pumping, (B) soil gas suction, (C) reduction decomposition, (D) oxidation decomposition, (E) interception containment, (F) removal by excavating soil, and (G) bio-activation.
Amount collected: Amount collected from April 2017 to March 2018
Monitoring: Monitoring to confirm how things develop after work that will allow measures to be taken or purification is completed.

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