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Excellent ECPs

Products certified as Excellent ECPs in FY2015

Energy & Infrastructure Systems

In order to meet growing energy demand in the world, Toshiba Group will provide main power supply and power generation systems globally that contribute to a stable energy supply and the shift toward a low carbon society as well as equipment, systems, and services that support social and industrial infrastructure. Toshiba Group's secondary battery SCiB™ is installed on cars, power generation systems, and a variety of other devices by taking advantage of its features, including quick charging, a long battery life, and a high level of safety.

Hybrid Puffer™ Gas-Insulated Switchgear (GIS)

[Image] Hybrid Puffer™ Gas-Insulated Switchgear (GIS)

  • Designed to be compact (to save resources) by using Toshiba's original method (hybrid puffer™ method) for arc extinction*1
  • Footprint: 8.96m2
    (This is the most space-saving equipment in the industry world)
  • Distance between lines: 800mm
    (This is the shortest distance in the industry world)
  • Reduced use of SF6 gas*2:
    -25% (based on Toshiba data)
Arc extinction: To extinguish generated arc when electric current is cut off with a breaker
SF6 gas: Sulfur hexafluoride, one of the greenhouse gases

EV bus system using SCiB™ batteries

[Image] EV bus system using SCiB™ batteries

  • CO2 emissions reduced by approx. 40% compared to diesel buses (no emissions while driving)
  • The rapid charging performance of SCiB™ batteries enables super quick charging several times per day, which supports running buses according to an ordinary bus schedule. Reduces the amount of batteries that must be carried compared to batteries that are charged at night once a day
  • Batteries after service as in-vehicle ones can be reused in stationary applications by using residual battery value assessment technology*
Some batteries may not be able to be reused depending on the deterioration

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Community Solutions

In order to contribute to the creation of smart communities designed to be environmentally friendly and to ensure comfortable lifestyles, Toshiba Group provides total solutions for a wide range of areas, including energy and water as well as transportation, for offices, factories and homes. In offices, for example, we develop devices with the highest efficiency for facilities (e.g., lighting and air conditioning systems as well as elevators) and provide advanced office equipment (e.g., accounting machines). We also provide services for achieving detailed control of the operation of such devices, thereby reducing the overall energy consumption of buildings.

Light Commercial Air Conditioner "Super Power Eco-mini"

[Image] Light Commercial Air Conditioner Super Power Eco-mini

  • Satisfies the Energy Saving Act 2015 standard and achieves an APF (2015) value of 6.2*1 with a compact chassis using high-efficiency components
  • The smallest height (1,050mm) in the industry*2
  • Recycled plastic used in the propeller fan
APF (Annual Performance Factor) is Japanese Energy Efficiency Standard. This value is for Super Power Eco mini 4HP class (JIS B 8616:2015)
At the time of product release

An industry first! Adjustable illumination, halogen-bulb-type, mini-krypton LED light bulb featuring GaN*1 technology

[Image] An industry first! Adjustable illumination, halogen-bulb-type, mini-krypton LED light bulb featuring GaN technology

  • Equipped with a GaN power device and saves resources with a compact power supply (with the circuit board area reduced by 60%)
  • This adjustable illumination LED light bulb, which has the same shape as conventional light bulbs but was difficult to produce, was made available by installing an illumination adjustment circuit in the space created by downsizing the power supply; it facilitates replacement of conventional lights with LED lights
  • Power consumption reduced by approx. 85% compared to conventional light bulbs
  • An LED light bulb designed to enable smooth illumination adjustment, which further contributes to reducing energy consumption
Abbreviation of "Gallium Nitride"; one of the technologies for the future proposed in the Ministry of the Environment's Action 50-80

Self-checkout/Accounting System SS-900G/K

[Image] Self-checkout/Accounting System SS-900G/K

  • Achieved the highest energy savings in standby mode* by using the high performance low power CPU and efficient power
  • Achieved the highest resource savings* for product miniaturization and installation area by reviewing the shape and reducing the size of parts
At the time of product release

TOSHIBA machine-roomless elevator SPACEL-GR Ⅱ/ORDER SPACEL -GR Ⅱ

[Image] TOSHIBA machine-roomless elevator SPACEL-GR Ⅱ/ORDER SPACEL -GR Ⅱ

  • Designed to use regenerative power, to reduce standby power consumption, to adopt LED lighting, and to improve system efficiency*, thereby reducing power consumption by as much as 50%
  • Eliminates lubricant oil by adopting a roller guide for the elevator cage and balance weight
  • Realizes a reduction of lead use, mercury-free lighting by adopting LED lighting, and PVCfree elevator cage
Comparison of a 15-person passenger elevator with a speed of 105 m/minute equipped with a regenerative power function against a conventional model (SPACEL-EX) (data compiled by Toshiba)

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Visual Devices and Notebook PCs

Toshiba Group provides high-value-added, low-environmental-impact products designed for comfortable, environmentally friendly lifestyles. We offer products and services that meet the needs of customers, some of which are even ahead of the times.

LCD television 4K REGZA G20X series

[Image] LCD television 4K REGZA G20X series

  • Equipped with a backlighting technology that Toshiba has developed over many years and a new engine, 4K REGZA Engine HDR, to achieve a high image quality and a low power consumption. The power consumption* of 55G20X is less than 100 kWh/year
  • Awarded a FY2015 Energy Conservation Grand Prize (Special Jury Prize). The industry's first 4Kcompatible television to be awarded the prize
Measured based on the Energy Saving Act
Amount of power consumed annually by watching TV for 4.5 hours per day

Business notebook PC Satellite Pro R50-C

[Image] Business notebook PC Satellite Pro R50-C

  • The battery lasts for as long as approx. 9.0 hours*. Using a PC on battery power during the daytime when there is heavy demand for power and charging the battery at night when power demand is relatively low contributes to the leveling of power demand
The actual operating time varies depending on the model as well as on the usage conditions and settings

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