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Excellent ECPs

We certify our products and services with the highest level of environmental performance in the industry upon release as "Excellent ECPs." In FY2019, 6 products and services have been certified.

Products certified as Excellent ECPs in FY2019

Infrastructure Systems & Solutions

Building Solutions

  • Store and office air conditioners
    Super Power Eco Dantaro for Cold Regions HRP1 series (3/6 HP)
  • Store and office air conditioners
    MiNi-SMMS 3Fan 13/14 HP (for China)

  • Condensing units
    Large refrigerators for low-temperature service (20/25/30 HP): TAM2000AR-SV, TAM2000AR-SV-Z, TAM2000AR-SV-ZG, TAM2500AR-SV, TAM2500AR-SV-Z, TAM2500AR-SV-ZG, TAM3000AR-SV, TAM3000AR-SV-Z, TAM3000AR-SV-ZG
  • DC inverter condensing units for outdoor installation (1/2/3 HP)

  • Small diameter downlights & small diameter universal downlights
    20 downlight models & 16 universal downlight models
    • Downlights (LEDD-05304/LEDD-05305 series)
    • Universal downlights (LEDU-05304/LEDU-05305 series)
    Combination options from 2 types of light distribution angles (narrow-angle/medium-angle) and 5 types of color temperatures (5000K, 4000K, 3500K, 3000K, and 2700K; 5000K not available for universal downlights)

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Products certified as Excellent ECPs in FY2018

Energy Systems & Solutions

  • Small Horizontal Axis Hydraulic Turbine Generator
  • Integrated Control and Protection System for Hydroelectric Power Plants

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Infrastructure Systems & Solutions

  • LED Spotlight
    AL-LED-FSP-L-2 (Fresnel spotlight for stages and studios)
    AL-LED-FSP-L-T-2 (Fresnel spotlight for stages)

    AL-NRL-FSPLT2 (Remote-control Fresnel spotlight for stages)
    Equipped with AL-LED-FSP-L-T-2

    AL-NRL-ASPL2 (Remote-control plano-convex spotlight for stages)
    Equipped with AL-LED-ASP-L-2

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  • Air conditioner for store and office
    R32 "Super Power Eco Gold" RP3 Series
    P50, P56, P63, P80, P160 model

  • Air conditioner for store and office
    R32 "Super Digital Inverter" Series 1

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Retail & Printing Solutions

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