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Creation of Excellent ECPs [FY2013]

Products certified as Excellent ECPs in FY2013

Energy & Infrastructure

In order to meet growing energy demand in the world, Toshiba Group will provide basic power supply and power generation systems globally that contribute to a stable energy supply and the shift toward a low carbon society as well as equipment, systems, and services that support social and industrial infrastructure. Geothermal power generation, which uses the thermal energy of the earth's magma, contributes to mitigation of climate change by stably providing electricity without being affected by seasonal transitions and weather changes. In addition, more efficient industrial equipment and motors for infrastructure facilities contribute to conserving energy throughout all of society and mitigating climate change.

Geothermal power generation
Flash geothermal power generation systems

[Image] Flash geothermal power generation system

  • No.1 share*1 in the global market in terms of total generating capacity
  • Realizing high performance and high reliability with moisture removal technology, coating technology, axial exhaust turbines, etc.

Premium gold motor (left photo) and PM motor (right photo)

[Image] Premium gold motor

  • Industry's highest*2 iron core efficiency*3 in IE3 motors

[Image] PM motor

  • Industry's highest*2 iron core efficiency*3 in IE4 motors

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Community Solutions

In order to contribute to the creation of smart communities designed to be environmentally friendly and to ensure comfortable lifestyles, Toshiba Group provides total solutions for a wide range of areas, including energy and water as well as transportation and medical care, for offices, factories and homes. In offices, for example, we develop devices with the highest efficiency for facilities (e.g., lighting and air conditioning systems as well as elevators) and provide advanced office equipment. We also provide services for achieving detailed control of the operation of such devices, thereby reducing the overall energy consumption of buildings. In terms of water infrastructure, we contribute to reducing public facilities' environmental impacts.

Custom-built elevator ORDER SPACEL-GR

[Image] Custom-built elevator ORDER SPACEL-GR (Doubly awarded Ministers' Awards)

  • Highest energy savings*2 (reducing power consumption up to 50%)
  • Reducing the amount of oil fed to the guiderail to zero

System of sewage sludge to fuel

[Image] System of sewage sludge to fuel

  • This system recycles sewage sludge generated from sewage treatment process by pyrolyzing it and consequently reduces greenhouse gas emissions largely.

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Healthcare Systems & Services

To meet the needs of medical care, which continue to become more complex and diverse, Toshiba Group develops image diagnosis systems (e.g., X-ray CT equipment, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) systems, and ultrasound systems) to provide the most advanced medical services with the least environmental impact. We promote the creation of ECPs by using dose reduction technologies (which minimize patient dose), energy conservation technology, and resource conservation technology (which reduces installation work by decreasing the size and weight of products).

MRI system Vantage Elan™

[Image] MRI system Vantage Elan™

  • No.1 in energy and resource conservation class*2 (power consumption & installation space)
  • Realizing a small footprint and low energy consumption while maintaining high level of performance

Ultrasonic diagnosis system Aplio™ 500/400/300

[Image] Ultrasonic diagnosis system Aplio™ 500/400/300

  • Highest energy and resource savings in its class*2 (in terms of power consumption, standby power consumption, installation area, and weight)

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Lifestyle Products & Services

Toshiba Group provides high-value-added, low-environmental-impact products designed for comfortable, environmentally friendly lifestyles. To meet the needs of customers?sometimes even ahead of the times?around the world, we offer products and services worldwide that best fit local characteristics.

Vertical-type fully automatic washing machine AW-90SVM

[Image] Vertical-type fully automatic washing machine AW-90SVM

  • Highest energy savings*2; power consumption: 58 Wh (during rated washing and drying operation)

Dynabook KIRA V634/V834 Ultrabooks

[Image] Dynabook KIRA V634/V834 Ultrabooks

  • Highest energy savings*2 (ENERGY STAR TEC value*4: 8 kWh)
  • Industry's longest*2 battery life (V634/27KS)
    (V634/27KS: 22 hrs.)
    (V834/29KS: 14 hrs.)

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Cloud & Solutions

To support the use of advanced ICT, including data centers and servers, in the big data era, Toshiba Group is developing storage products such as NAND flash memory drives and HDDs, thereby playing a leading role in the industry. At the same time, we also take advantage of our strengths in manufacturing NAND, HDD and SSD devices so as to provide the storage systems that best meet customers' needs.

Storage system
Toshiba Total Storage Platform

[Image] Storage system Toshiba Total Storage Platform

  • Achieving the optimal balance between performance and capacity through a hybrid configuration combining flash storage and a hard disk, thereby contributing to energy conservation and space savings
  • Realizing AC cables free of polyvinyl chloride (PVC)

Learning Management System
Generalist® L/M

[Image] Learning Management System Generalist® L/M

  • Using LMS will help to reduce administrative work associated with management of training, use of facilities and transfers of students, and in turn, contribute to energy and resource conservation.
As of June, 2013. Capacity based power generation total delivery record, based on Toshiba in-house research.
At the time of product release; not intended to guarantee the current position.
Obtained by dividing the energy conversion efficiency by the cubic volume of the iron core.
Power consumption calculated based on use of the product, which serves as a standard to determine whether the product conforms to the International ENERGY STAR program.

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