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Creation of Excellent ECPs [FY2014]

Products certified as Excellent ECPs in FY2014

Energy & Infrastructure Systems

In order to meet growing energy demand in the world, Toshiba Group will provide basic power supply and power generation systems globally that contribute to a stable energy supply and the shift toward a low carbon society as well as equipment, systems, and services that support social and industrial infrastructure. It is expected that residential fuel cell systems will be used widely as the next generation in power generation systems. In addition, Toshiba Group’s secondary battery SCiB is installed on cars, power generation systems, and a variety of other devices by taking advantage of its features, including quick charging, a long battery life, and a high level of safety.

Residential fuel cell system ENE-FARM (Model TM1-AE)

[Image] Residential fuel cell system ENE-FARM (Model TM1-AE)

  • Highest total energy efficiency of 95% and amount of CO2 emission reduction of approx. 1.6 tons per year in the industry*1
  • Self-sustained operation function that ensures continuous operation even in the event of an outage
  • Resource saving with a guaranteed battery life of 10 years

SCiB™ stationary battery energy storage system

[Image] SCiB™ stationary battery energy storage system

  • Realizing the top level capacity and output in the industry, as well as the fastest charging time in the industry*1
  • Highest cycle count (10,000) in the industry, and resource saving through downsizing*1
  • System downsizing is possible as the required charge and discharge output can be obtained with less battery capacity

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Community Solutions

In order to contribute to the creation of smart communities designed to be environmentally friendly and to ensure comfortable lifestyles, Toshiba Group provides total solutions for a wide range of areas, including energy and water as well as transportation and medical care, for offices, factories and homes. In offices, for example, we develop devices with the highest efficiency for facilities (e.g., lighting and air conditioning systems as well as elevators) and provide advanced office equipment. We also provide services for achieving detailed control of the operation of such devices, thereby reducing the overall energy consumption of buildings. In the retail business, we contribute to reducing environmental impact with solutions for linking together stores, warehouses, offices, and customers.

Smart BEMS

[Image] Smart Community Center in Kawasaki
Smart Community Center in Kawasaki

  • Achieving a total of 32% energy saving: 11% with the BEMS function consisting of model- based air-conditioning, image sensors, peak-cut and peakshift systems, etc. with the rest being accounted for by devices with high-efficiency

Ultra Power Eco, an air conditioner for stores and offices

[Image] Ultra Power Eco, an air conditioner for stores and offices

  • Highest energy saving performance in the industry*1
    Achieving (APF2015:7.0)*2
  • Reducing the front space required to install outside units by 50%
  • Using R32 refrigerant, which has less GWP (Global Warming Potential)

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Healthcare Systems & Services

To meet the needs of medical care, which continue to become more complex and diverse, Toshiba Group is developing image diagnosis systems (e.g., X-ray equipment and Ultrasonic diagnosis system) to provide the most advanced medical services with the least environmental impact. We promote environmentally conscious design from a wider perspective by using dose reduction technologies (which minimize the doses that patient and medical workers are subjected to), energy-saving technology, and resource conservation technology (which reduces installation work by decreasing the size and weight of products).

X-ray angiography system Infinix Celeve™-i Series

[Image] X-ray angiography system Infinix Celeve™-i Series

  • Highest energy and resource savings in its class*1
    (power consumption & installation space)
  • Realizing reduced radiation exposure through low- dose acquisition, a new FPD (Flat Panel Detector), and low frame-rate sequential radiography
  • Contributing to improved workflow with a new overhead traveling C-arm

Ultrasonic diagnosis system Xario™ 100

[Image] Ultrasonic diagnosis system Xario™ 100

  • Highest resource saving in its class*1
    Realizing excellent mobility with the compact and light system
  • Top level energy saving performance*1
    Improving examination efficiency with standby mode settings and an intuitive and simple operating panel

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Lifestyle Products & Services

Toshiba Group provides high-value-added, low-environmental-impact products designed for comfortable, environmentally friendly lifestyles. To meet the needs of customers sometimes even ahead of the times around the world, we offer products and services that best fit local characteristics.

4K television REGZA Z10X series

[Image] 4K television REGZA Z10X series

  • Achieving both energy saving and high image quality with the area control technology applied to the LEDs installed directly beneath the display panel and other technologies
  • Lightweight with the use of an integrated housing structure

Detachable PC dynabook R82

[Image] Detachable PC dynabook R82

  • Achieving energy, resource, and space savings with an convertible and detachable design
  • Lightest tablet in the world (699 g*1) 1,399 g as an Ultrabook
  • Reducing power consumption with a fanless structure using a new material, PCM*3

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Electronic Devices & Components and Cloud Solutions

In the electronic devices & components segment, Toshiba Group has been developing businesses with the aim of contributing to the environment by providing distinctive high performance material products that leverage its material design technologies developed through years of experience. In addition, to support the use of advanced ICT, including data centers and servers, in the big data era, Toshiba Group is developing storage products such as NAND flash memory drives and HDDs, thereby playing a leading role in the industry. At the same time, we also strive to contribute to the solution of global environmental issues relating to these products with the power of IT.

Dy-free SmCo magnets

[Image] Dy-free SmCo magnets

  • Achieving high performance with Sm (Samarium), which can be sourced from multiple regions without using Dy (Dysprosium), a rare earth metal that is unevenly distributed to specific regions
  • Realizing high output motors at a high temperature range of more than 150°C by using the thermal resistance of magnets

Procurement solution ProcureMeister

[Image] Procurement solution ProcureMeister

  • This solution for procurement divisions doing business with companies using the Internet reduces procurement costs, procurement lead time, and environmental impact at the same time
At the time of product launch; The current position is not guaranteed.
Annual performance factor value in the 3 HP (horsepower) class, which is compatible with JIS B 8616:2015
Phase change material (sheet) used as a thermal management solution

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