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Sustainable Portfolio

Toshiba Group's environmental contribution business

Today, the international community faces various serious problems that cut across national and regional boundaries, including global warming-induced climate change and resource depletion caused by population increases. These problems make it ever more important to consider social issues from the perspective of sustainability. Against the backdrop of society's heightened awareness of environmental issues, public attention is focused on efforts by companies to address such issues.

Using our advanced technological capabilities to provide tangible solutions, Toshiba Group continues to contribute to resolving environmental and social issues. Moreover, we have the advantage of deeply understanding the public's needs as well as customer expectations through the diverse array of products we offer to society in large quantities. Our basic policy is to contribute to society by providing hardware-based solutions such as equipment, devices, and facilities derived from our knowledge of a wide range of customers.

Overview of Toshiba Group's Environmental
Contribution Business (SP)

[Image] Overview of Toshiba Group's Environmental Contribution Business (SP)

We strive to reduce environmental impacts in each stage of Toshiba Group product life cycles and to make all our products Environmentally Conscious Products (ECPs) (for details, see Business (Products/Services)). Meanwhile, we calculate the degree of improvement in products' eco-efficiency by using the Factor T indicator. Through such efforts, we improve product functions and performance to meet customer needs in order to provide products more eco-efficient than previous models as well as solutions using such products.

Toshiba Group aims to expand our contributions to reducing environmental impacts of the society through business activities. To that end, we will select products that contribute to reducing environmental impacts, especially during use by customers, from among the aforementioned ECPs and solutions employing them, and certify such products as elements of Toshiba Group's environmental contribution business, the Sustainable Portfolio (SP). We aim to expand our contributions by expanding the certified businesses.

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Stakeholder dialogue (third-party comments)

[Image] Stakeholder dialogue
Stakeholder dialogue

With a view to organizing and promoting Toshiba Group's environmental contribution business under the SP, we held a stakeholder dialogue about the SP to objectively assess the appropriateness of the overall concepts as well as product selection criteria and processes.

We requested Mr. Hidemi Tomita of Lloyd's Register Japan and Professor Asako Kimura of Kansai University to give their opinions. We provided them with an overview of our SP, especially the product selection criteria and processes, regarding which they commented from various perspectives.

We will review their comments within Toshiba Group to improve the product selection criteria and processes for our SP and to reflect such comments in the system of product selection and expansion of our SP.

[Image] Mr. Hidemi Tomita

Lloyd's Register Japan K.K.
Mr. Hidemi Tomita

Based on his wealth of experience in implementing CSR management at a business firm and his experience in the process of developing various international standards, Mr. Tomita provided us with comments from multiple perspectives.

[Image] Professor Asako Kimura

Kansai University Faculty of
Business and Commerce
Professor Asako Kimura

Prof. Kimura broadly researches companies' sustainability management, including Toshiba Group's environmental management. Based on the knowledge she has acquired through her research, Prof. Kimura commented on various aspects of the SP.

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