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Messages from In-house Company Presidents

We offer a wide range of energy technologies to the world in order to realize a low-carbon society.

Danny Roderick, President and CEO, Energy Systems & Solutions Company[Image] Danny Roderick

[Image] Danny Roderick

As preventing global warming is one of the most crucial issues faced by humankind, energy policies for future generations have been widely discussed across the world. As an in-house company offering a wide range of energy technologies globally, Energy Systems & Solutions Company is committed to responding to global warming as a critical mission, and has been working to achieve a variety of technological developments.

Thermal power generation generates CO2 as a result of the combustion of fossil fuel. Therefore, we have been putting our efforts on technological development to minimize CO2 emissions through a system using a highly efficient gas combined-cycle and carbon capture technology.

For nuclear power generation, we give safety the highest priority. We have been developing technologies to prevent accidents and minimize the effect of an accident if one occurs. Because nuclear power generation is environmentally conscious as it does not generate CO2 emissions, we will continue working with it into the future while giving the utmost consideration for safety and people’s security. We have also been devoting ourselves to promoting renewable power generation such as hydroelectric, photovoltaic, geothermal, and wind power. Furthermore, we have also been developing storage battery solutions and hydrogen electric power storage system to use renewables effectively, and a power transmission and distribution system to ensure power supply stability.

We intend to contribute to the realization of a low-carbon society globally by offering these advanced technologies in a comprehensive manner.

I assumed the post of president of Energy Systems & Solutions Company in June 2016. Since then, I have been sharing my clear vision of the future of the company with our employees, and have been working on creating a work environment to facilitate the free exchange of honest opinions, not just mere rhetoric. All our workers share a sense of mission with regard to contributing to the environment, and identify problems faced by their colleagues without communication barriers in order that we may intensify the effectiveness of our efforts.

Regardless of our nationality and race, all human beings share the same Earth. We believe that it is our role for all of our employees to exert themselves in the offering of low-carbon technologies and help our Earth to last longer for our children and grandchildren.

Energy Systems & Solutions Company

We provide various power generation solutions to ensure a stable electricity supply.

[Image] Large power generation facilities/Renewable energy/Power transmission/distribution/storage

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We support people's affluent lifestyles and realize a sustainable society through a wide range of products and services.

[Image] Shinichiro AkibaShinichiro Akiba
President and CEO, Infrastructure Systems & Solutions Company

[Image] Shinichiro Akiba

The Infrastructure Systems & Solutions Company provides a wide range of products and services in areas that support people's lifestyles, including public infrastructure systems, buildings and facilities, and industrial systems. All of these businesses play important roles in providing social lifelines and have great responsibility for ensuring people's safety and security. I believe that our mission is to provide environmentally conscious products and services in order to reduce the environmental impacts of society as a whole and to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society. In other words, environmental activities are themselves the business of the Infrastructure Systems & Solutions Company. To reduce environmental impacts, we are placing particular focus on efforts to develop solutions designed to mitigate climate change. As measures to mitigate climate change, we will develop products such as renewable energy systems, building energy consumption management systems, and storage battery systems that use the SCiB™ secondary battery. At the same time, to help adjust to the effects of climate change, we will develop weather radar, rainwater drainage systems, and disaster prevention information systems, thereby mitigating climate change while implementing BCP measures.

Developing environmentally conscious manufacturing processes is also important. To this end, we will promote energy and resource efficient manufacturing at all of our many production and business sites in Japan and overseas, thereby reducing environmental impacts worldwide.

To promote environmental initiatives, I believe we must also share our vision within our company. At the Infrastructure Systems & Solutions Company, we share our company vision, which aims to realize a sustainable society and contribute to the future of people and the Earth, with all our employees in Japan and overseas. We are also stepping up efforts to facilitate in-house communication, such as by periodically distributing video messages to communicate company policies. I believe that communicating our vision clearly will enable all employees to share common objectives and play an active part in environmental activities.

We will continue to build long-standing relationships with stakeholders and to contribute to realizing a sustainable society through our business activities.

Infrastructure Systems & Solutions Company

We provide a wide range of products and services in three areas that support society and industry.


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We will reduce the environmental impacts of manufacturing processes in order to contribute through our products to reducing the energy consumption of the information society and social infrastructure.

[Image] Yasuo NarukeYasuo Naruke
President and CEO, Storage & Electronic Devices Solutions Company

[Image] Yasuo Naruke

Among Toshiba Group's in-house companies, the Storage & Electronic Devices Solutions Company has an especially high percentage of environmental impacts during manufacturing. This is because the company consumes large amounts of power for semiconductor plant clean rooms and uses a lot of water in manufacturing processes. For this reason, we are working to improve energy efficiency at our manufacturing sites by various means.

Take, for example, the use of big data. At Yokkaichi Operations, we have introduced an Artificial Intelligence (AI) system capable of processing enormous amounts of data on devices and systems by using deep learning to analyze data quickly and accurately. In this way, we support efficient facility management and resource utilization, thereby improving overall factory productivity while reducing environmental impacts.

We are also actively taking measures to produce products that consider environmental impacts. As big data will be used increasingly often in the future, we believe storage systems using NAND flash memory can process data at high speeds will greatly contribute to reducing the energy consumption of society as a whole. Meanwhile, besides having high reliability and great durability, power semiconductors can also efficiently convert voltage to reduce the energy consumption of social infrastructure, including that of power transmission and distribution facilities, railroads, and hybrid cars.

It is also important to raise employees' environmental awareness. We are working to raise the environmental awareness of all employees so that they can understand the enormous impacts of our business on the environment as well as think about what they can do to reduce environmental risks and then do so. Also, to ensure the sense of safety of local community residents, we will actively publicize our initiatives to society at large, including by appropriately disclosing information and holding factory tours.

We will step up our efforts to contribute through manufacturing processes and products to reducing the energy consumption of the information society and social infrastructure.

Storage & Electronic Devices Solutions Company

We provide a wide range of storage and electronic device products, such as NAND flash memories, SSDs, HDDs, discrete semiconductors, and system LSIs.


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We will promote the IoT business to reduce environmental impacts and support our customers' growth toward a digitized society.

[image] Hironobu NishikoriHironobu Nishikori
President and CEO, Industrial ICT Solutions Company


We are working to promote the IoT business in an effort to orient Toshiba Group's business structure toward IoT services and to contribute to customers' growth amidst the digitation of society. In particular, we place high priority on further developing Toshiba's original Chip-to-Cloud and RECAIUS™ technologies, which provide advanced ICT solutions that can reduce environmental impacts.

The Chip-to-Cloud technology was developed with Toshiba's semiconductor know-how. It is Toshiba's edge solution that has been designed to carry out appropriate processing in accordance with the actual conditions of worksites where devices are used. This solution minimizes network loads, thereby reducing CO2 emissions. RECAIUS™ is a speech and image utilization cloud AI service that provides benefits to and supports humans. It was developed by evolving the media intelligence technologies that Toshiba has been working on over the years. For example, RECAIUS™ makes it possible to immediately and automatically convert statements made at a meeting into text and then to share them on a cloud system instead of preparing and distributing meeting minutes on paper. It improves operational efficiency while helping create a paperless system, thereby contributing to resource conservation.

For many years, I lived in Germany, which is known to be an environmentally advanced nation. In Germany, there are many opportunities for parents to think with their children about the environment during the process of raising them. I was impressed that individuals have a high level of environmental awareness. My experience in Germany has led me to believe that to effectively promote environmental activities, it is important to raise environmental awareness at the individual level and to motivate each individual to contribute to the environment. The Industrial ICT Solutions Company Group has engaged in cleaning the riverbeds of the Arakawa and Tamagawa rivers for nine years, and some 600 employees participate each year. By continuing activities such as this, we raise employees' environmental awareness through our daily operations on an ongoing basis so that they can always perform their tasks in an environmentally conscious way.

Industrial ICT Solutions Company

We develop IoT services and provide total solutions throughout ICT lifecycles, ranging from consultation to system operation and maintenance.

[Image] Things × ICT × People

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