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Overview of Environmental Impacts

Toshiba Group, as shown in the material flow below, is proceeding to quantitatively analyze the environmental impacts at each stage of the product/service life cycle—from materials procurement, manufacturing, and distribution to customer usage, product retrieval, and recycling. Furthermore, we are carrying out overall assessments on the environmental impact of input resources/energy and emission of greenhouse gas and chemicals using the Life-cycle Impact assessment Method based on Endpoint modeling (LIME). We realized that environmental impacts are most significant during the customer usage, material procurement, and manufacturing stages of the product life cycle in that order. As such, we feel that it is extremely important to implement effective initiatives based on environmental impact assessments carried out across the entire product life cycle. Moving forward, we are expanding the items on which we are collecting data and are striving to improve the precision of the data. This data was collected from 445 Toshiba Group companies (actual results for FY2016).

[Image] Overview of Environmental Impacts

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