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Message from the Corporate Environmental Officer

We contribute to resolving global environmental issues to achieve a sustainable society. Shiro Saito Toshiba Corporation Executive Officer, Corporate Senior Vice President

[Image] Shiro Saito Toshiba Corporation Executive Officer, Corporate Senior Vice President

Today, the international community faces a variety of ever more serious problems, such as global warming-induced climate change and resource depletion caused by population increases. Given these circumstances, the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and the Paris Agreement which provides a new international framework to prevent global warming, came into effect in 2016. As public awareness aimed at solving important environmental problems continues to increase, companies engaged in global businesses are expected to act proactively.

Based on Environmental Vision 2050, our long-term vision, Toshiba Group is striving to realize a world in which all people can lead affluent lifestyles in harmony with the Earth. To that end, we will resolve various environmental issues in our four main business domains, thereby contributing to the realization of a sustainable society. Based on an understanding of the risks and opportunities created by issues including global warming for our businesses, Toshiba Group will reduce society's environmental impacts and ensure coexistence with the Earth by developing and providing the following products and technologies: low-carbon power generation technologies, including thermal power generation systems with the world's largest market share and hydroelectric power generation systems with high power generation efficiency; products and technologies designed to realize a hydrogen society, including the hydrogen-based autonomous energy supply system H2One™; social infrastructure products and services, including energy-efficient elevators, air conditioners, lighting, and BEMS; and electronic devices and digital solutions that support such technologies.

We also develop Environmental Action Plan to set specific medium-term goals for environmental activities. Under the Sixth Environmental Action Plan that started in FY2017, we are focusing on two areas: activities to reduce environmental impacts in the lifecycles of products and services (Business), and a foundation to support such activities (Management). We will develop various measures with a view to achieving by 2020 goals for 15 items, including reducing greenhouse gas emissions in manufacturing and CO2 emitted by products and services.

I would like to apologize to our stakeholders for the trouble and concerns caused by our inappropriate accounting and the impairment loss in the overseas nuclear power businesses. As a corporate group that develops business worldwide to support people's lives and society, we are firmly committed to realizing a sustainable society and fulfilling our responsibility as a member of the international community to earn back the public's trust. We would very much appreciate your continued support.

January 2018

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