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Committed to People, Committed to the Future.

CEO Interview

[Image] CEO Interview

[Image] Toward the Realization of a Sustainable Society/Satoshi Tsunakawa/Toshiba Corporation Director, President and CEO

Q1. Please tell us your opinion about Toshiba Group's environmental management.

Ever since joining Toshiba, I have always been committed to the environment. In particular, I have engaged in developing initiatives for environmental conservation and for ensuring the safety and security of customers, including initiatives to improve products' environmental performance in order to minimize energy and resource consumption as well as to reduce the physical loads placed on product users. Having been appointed President and CEO in June 2016, I remain firm in my belief that the environment is one of the most important issues facing the management of Toshiba Group. I believe that for the Group, environmental management is the second most important issue preceded only by compliance. Needless to say, to obtain the trust of stakeholders and to ensure the future growth of our business, thorough compliance must be maintained. At the same time, I believe it is also indispensable to proactively implement environmental management on an ongoing basis.

Toshiba Group has consistently made genuine efforts to realize environmental conservation. We have developed Environmental Vision 2050 to set forth our ideal world for 2050 in which all people can lead affluent lifestyles in harmony with the Earth. To realize this vision, we formulate Environmental Action Plans in order to set specific action goals and manage progress during each fiscal year. This fiscal year marks the final year of the Fifth Environmental Action Plan. We are currently making steady progress in each of the following areas: Greening of Products (creation of products with the highest level of environmental performance), Greening by Technology (global development of advanced low-carbon technology), Greening of Process (pursuit of the world's lowest level of environmental impacts), and Green Management (basic activities, including human resource development and environmental communication).

Based on the belief that developing environmentally conscious products, services, and manufacturing processes is the proper mission of a manufacturing company, we will continue to promote environmental management, thereby raising the level of our environmental initiatives.

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Q2. What measures does Toshiba Group intend to take to solve environmental issues such as climate change?

The Paris Agreement, which provides a new framework for mitigating climate change, was adopted at COP21 in Paris in December 2015. In response to this, at a cabinet meeting held in May 2016, the Japanese government decided to implement the Climate Change Mitigation Plan, which outlines specific goals and strategies to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. As the trend toward mitigating climate change gains momentum worldwide, our industry will also be required to take more active measures than ever before. By placing priority on mitigation measures to reduce GHG emissions, Toshiba Group will promote energy-saving programs at individual production and business sites as well as implement measures for high-efficiency manufacturing at an accelerated pace throughout our entire supply chain. At the same time, we will proactively provide energy-efficient products and low-carbon technologies, thereby contributing to reducing GHG emissions worldwide. We will also develop measures to adapt to the effects of climate change, including developing weather radar, rainwater drainage systems, disaster prevention information systems, and hydrogen-based autonomous energy supply systems.

In addition, we will make steady efforts to find solutions to issues besides climate change, including reducing risks to water resources, developing programs to ensure effective use of resources, such as 3R (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle) activities, and ensuring proper management of chemicals used in products and in manufacturing processes.

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Q3. What initiatives will you promote in highpriority businesses?

To promote environmental initiatives, we set appropriate goals in three high-priority businesses (energy, social infrastructure, and storage) as well as in the ICT solution business, which supports these three businesses.

In the energy business, we aim to realize a low-carbon society by systematically providing a wide range of technologies, including high-efficiency thermal power generation, nuclear power generation that does not emit CO2 when generating electricity, storage battery solutions, and power transmission and distribution systems. In the social infrastructure business, we aim to realize a sustainable society by providing environmentally conscious products and services in the areas of public infrastructure, buildings and facilities, and industrial systems, all of which support society.

In the storage business, we implement various measures to reduce environmental impacts during manufacturing as well as to promote the development of environmentally conscious products, including the use of NAND flash memories in datacenters to reduce energy consumption.

In the ICT solution business, we provide solutions designed to reduce environmental impacts by developing and utilizing IoT platforms that take advantage of Toshiba Group's strengths, such as speech and image recognition technology as well as embedded software, thereby supporting our three high-priority businesses through the use of ICT.

Toshiba Group will make steady efforts to promote initiatives on products and services as well as manufacturing processes in these business areas, and to reduce the environmental impacts on society as a whole to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

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Q4. What is your vision and commitment to Toshiba Group's environmental management going forward?

Toshiba Group is currently formulating the Sixth Environmental Action Plan in order to provide new activity goals for FY2017 and beyond. In the Sixth Environmental Action Plan, we will promote measures to reduce the environmental impacts of products and services as well as of manufacturing processes while keeping focused on realizing a sustainable society. To this end, we will step up our efforts more than ever before to create a sustainable society, including realizing a low-carbon society through the energy business. At the same time, we will further strengthen environmental management while addressing new trends, such as the circular economy in Europe. By recognizing the ideal of environmental management to be a state in which environmental perspectives are built into all stages of corporate management so as to contribute to reducing environmental impacts through corporate activities, products, and services, Toshiba Group aims to play a pioneering role in realizing a sustainable society.

At the same time, we must reinforce our awareness that Toshiba Group's three high-priority businesses (energy, social infrastructure, and storage) as well as the ICT solution business, which supports these three businesses, have important roles to play in supporting society going forward and people's lives as well as in contributing to a sustainable future for the Earth. We will also focus on raising environmental awareness and on providing environmental education and training so that each employee can perform his or her daily tasks with a strong commitment to contributing to the environment through business activities.

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Q5. Finally, please give a message to the stakeholders.

Toshiba Group remains firm in its resolve to seriously consider what it as a company can do for the future of the Earth and to carry out all available measures. We will maintain this stance into the future, and under a new system as a revitalized Toshiba, all members, including top management as well as those working in the field, will share a genuine commitment to environmental management. We would like to regain your trust by presenting our efforts to all of our stakeholders.

One of my favorite proverbs is "slow and steady wins the race." I believe that in environmental management, as in business management, making appropriate efforts surely and steadily will eventually lead to successful results. In addition, I also believe that it is necessary to respond quickly and appropriately to new challenges to contribute to society.

To once again strive toward realizing a sustainable society, all members of Toshiba Group will share our group slogan as companies that develop businesses to support society: "Committed to People, Committed to the Future." We sincerely hope that we may enjoy your ongoing support.

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