Toshiba's IoT architecture SPINEX is designed
to help companies accelerate their digital transformation
and co-create new value propositions.

With long-term experiences and proven track records of providing products and services to various sectors including energy, water, transportation, healthcare, office buildings management, manufacturing and home appliances,
Toshiba developed SPINEX leveraging IoT technology and data analytics capability to enable optimization of equipment control and operation performance with flexible service options.

Toshiba ioT Architecture SPINEX

IoT Architecture to realize
”Caring for People, IoT”

By taking advantage of manufacturing know-how accumulated from semiconductor to social infrastructure businesses, Toshiba offers SPINEX to help customers create digital twins of their physical assets reproducing the actual operation status digitally in real time.


  • Edge Computing

    Edge Computing to improve time to action

    Enabling data generation and analytics to occur at the source of the data for improvement of time to action

  • Digital Twin

    Digital Twin to provide accurate emulation and simulation of things

    “Digital Twin”, or a digital representation, of any piece of real equipment from design to real-time data feed to prevent problems and improve performance

  • Media Intelligence

    Media Intelligence to recognize human intentions

    Integrating speech and image recognition technology with advanced AI power to understand human intentions and support human activities

The Next Stage of IoT

SPINEX contributes to companies and society
as a central structure of Industrial IoT, and supports human activities.

Use Cases

TOSHIBA IoT: Achievements and Example Scenarios

  • energy


    Calculation of Consumption and Wheeling Charges

    Remote Monitoring of Solar Power Generation

  • Manufacturing


    Monitoring Industrial Equipment

    Improvement of Yield Rate and Productivity of Factory

  • Traffic


    Rail Transportation Solutions

    Remote Monitoring of Train Operation

  • Logistics


    Monitoring and Analysis of Distribution Truckloads

  • Communities


    Integrated Management of Houses, Buildings and Factory Facilities in a Community

  • Buildings


    Preventive Maintenance of Elevators

    Energy Saving of Air Conditioning and Lighting

    Building Energy Management

  • Health


    Controlling the Amount of Exercise

    Active Healthcare

  • Home


    Measuring Usage of Power, Water and Gas

Co-creation with Customers

Co-creation with Customers

Industries in the world are facing a revolutionary change of the business environment. One company or one organization cannot resolve all the problems and take on the challlenges alone.
Toshiba takes the co-creation approach to face challenges with customers and is dedicated to delivering new services with value proposition and inspiring user experiences.

Toshiba IoT Architecture SPINEX is a trademark of Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation in JAPAN.
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