Toshiba’s two AI technologies

Communication AI "RECAIUS" and Analytics AI "SATLYS"
Accurately perceive people and things from IoT data, digitize the experience and implicit knowledge of skilled workers, optimize work tasks, and create new business models

Creating an autonomous IoT and expanding new value throughout industries and society with customers

Toshiba’s IoT Architecture SPINEX is designed to co-create new business models utilizing the IoT with customers.

It can be used to analyze big data collected from work sites for optimization and to predict accidents. AI is utilized for automated driving and control according to rules while predicting the future. It also dynamically produces rules for autonomous responses to changing situations and environments.

In addition, the shared usage of systems and data enables measures across multiple value chains. These targets are expanded from nearby assets into entire companies and communities, for overall optimization, automation, and autonomy.
We will expand new value throughout industries and society together with customers, such as creating businesses in which utility value and shared value are offered as services utilizing various types of data.

SPINEX is a registered trademark of Toshiba Corporation in JAPAN.
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