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Interview Sophie Lemonnier

The Louvre is proud of its continuous innovation and is constantly striving for progress. It has to be said, however, that given the extreme importance of this building as a monument, the risk involved with the Louvre Museum is greater than with other structures. Head of the Architecture, Museography, and Technical Department, the Louvre Museum. Sophie Lemonnier

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My expectations for this project were clearly economic ones. We are seeking to install equipment capable of reducing lighting costs. There were some elements of concern, however, particularly in regard to the development of LED systems which are still evolving and not as established as the prior technology, giving some doubts as to whether Toshiba was capable of taking on such challenges.
I was very impressed, however, to see how Toshiba solved the complex issue of illuminating the facades. We look at them from behind, but they had to deal with the limitations of LEDs and historical constraints. Despite that, after many trials, the results produced by the Toshiba system testify to the quality of their equipment.
Toshiba LEDs have three main advantages. The first is economic. LED light sources have a far longer life than previous systems and therefore involve less maintenance. LED lighting fixtures are also energy saving, thereby reducing costs. In addition to the economic aspects, there are also technological advantages. The LED system designed by Toshiba for the Pyramid is very unique. It is totally waterproof and overcomes the constraints imposed by the frequent ingress of water below the Pyramid. The third advantage of an LED system is its lighting continuity. Until now, we had unsatisfactory lighting which had become partially damaged over twenty years of use. Now, however, we have gained illumination that recaptures all the beauty of the building by night.
During this project we have collaborated with Toshiba in using LEDs to illuminate the facades and the Pyramid. I firmly believe that the Louvre has the capacity for continuous innovation with partners interested in participating in and rallying around future Louvre Museum projects.

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