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The Louvre revealing its nightly splendour. Former President Director of the Louvre Museum. Henri Loyrette

Our partnership with Toshiba has provided innovation. Thanks to this illumination we are discovering the night-time palace. We could almost say that the Louvre reveals its splendour every night. I believe this is a new way of discovering the Louvre which has been transformed by this illumination.

photo of Henri Loyrette

We started off with standard elements which we somehow adapted to fit the Palace, considering environmental aspects as well. It wasn't just a matter however, of simply providing aesthetic illumination; we had to take account of sustainable development too. We recognise that it is absolutely essential for us to consider that dual function of illumination. I believe we still have a long way to go, but hopefully we can undertake this at other sites.
I have to say that Toshiba's LED products were exactly what we were looking for. We were seeking illumination, not mere lighting. The aim was to highlight the Palace's façades and the Pyramid, and Toshiba's products have fulfilled this brief perfectly. Firstly, because of the reduced size of the units themselves. They are absolutely discrete, and perfectly integrated with the Palace's architecture.
The concept here is not to provide a flat sort of lighting which highlights all the architectural details, or imitate what we see by day, but rather truly produce a nocturnal illumination that is mysterious and exceptional, providing a different vision of the Palace. I believe we accomplished something quite remarkable in establishing a dialogue between Toshiba, ourselves and the architects responsible for historical monuments.
We've always viewed culture as something indispensable. It isn't something superficial; ever since the French Revolution, it has always been regarded as an essential element in the life and development of mankind. It's one of the things we speak of at the Louvre and try to show and convey to all our visitors; the Louvre accompanies our lives, deep down we have an abiding affection for museums like the Louvre, and this links to a sort of “elevation of our existence”. Culture is something that is more than necessary, it is indispensable in this day and age.

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