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2009 Milano Salone OVERTURE

image of overtureCreating emotionally engaging environments while respecting the natural environment. Lighting is evolving to meet these needs, and this exhibit reflects this paradigm shift. The tiny light source glowing in the specially designed interactive bulb is an LED. What first seems like a typical, coldly mechanical light glows warmer as you approach. Touch it, and the bulb pulsates as if alive. This glow is an overture to next-generation lighting.

image of LEDThe tiny light source glowing in this specially designed pear-shaped bulb is an LED.
Over many years, the familiar silhouette of incandescent bulbs has also left a lasting impression, far more enduring than an afterimage.

image of framePast, present, and future are linked by the many arches in the exhibit space, which serve as portals into different eras. Since ancient Rome, arches have graced buildings of many kinds as a fundamental technology. As a silhouette used to frame spaces everywhere, the arch is also a universal shape.

The scene framed by these two silhouettes, the bulb and arch, not only casts light on future trends, but also represents an homage to the past. In this way, the exhibition also embodies the present, anticipating an ever-evolving future enlightened by new technology.

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An endless starry sky
A diamond's eternal radiance
The fleeting blue moment of twilight
The light on our planet reveals itself in many varied ways that never fail to fascinate people.
This light does more than just shine. Under the theme "New Harmonized Lighting", it is meant to explore new relationships between people, the environment, and light. Its unsurpassed environmental performance creates new possibilities for LED lighting.
LEDs allow us to design a slim and compact appearance and to strive for rich expressions of light by using indirect light and methods of showing light that mimic natural light. We offer this design prototype in the form of interior lighting, taking advantage of our years of experience in designing "akari" using LEDs, always seeking to balance the latest LED technology with the Japanese sense of beauty.

image of LED
April 22(WED)-27(MON),2009
Press preview
April 21(TUE),2009, 3-7pm
Design Library
Via Savona,11 Milano
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