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Europe Area

  • image of LED Lamps
    Classic Lamps
    These LED lamps are the right choice to replace classic bulb lamps.
  • image of LED Lamps
    Reflector Lamps
    These LED lamps are the right choice to replace reflector lamps.
  • image of LED Downlights
    Downlight fixtures integrate in the ceilings. They are ideal in all public places as stores where the weak consumption of the LED will permit savings energy.
  • image of LED Outdoor Lighting
    Outdoor Lighting
    Exploring new optical systems toward the most efficient light layout is among our mottos.
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    Catalogue for Europe

North America Area

  • image of LED Lamps
    LED Lamps
    The Toshiba E-Core LED Lamps are high quality LED replacement bulb & lamp.
  • image of LED Fixtures
    LED Fixtures
    The Toshiba E-Core 6" Downlight is a recessed architectural LED downlight for use in non-insulated commercial and residential applications.
  • image of LED GX53 Unit
    Light Modules
    The Toshiba E-Core LED GX53 Self Contained Round is a high quality LED Modular Unit.
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