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The "more advanced" ABWR


ABWR enjoys a reputation for excellence in respect to safety, economy, operability and reliability. The first ABWR, Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Unit No. 6, commenced commercial operation in 1996, followed by Unit No.7 the following year, both delivered to Tokyo Electric Power Company. Since then, both units have shown stable performance.

Successively, Toshiba took charge of the nuclear reactor equipment of Hamaoka Unit No. 5 of Chubu Electric Power Co., Inc. as our third ABWR, incorporating the latest in technology. Hamaoka Unit No. 5 commenced commercial operation in January 2005, emerging as a plant with the electricity output of 1380 MW, one of the world’s largest in output.

Various new technologies were employed in Hamaoka Unit No. 5 to improve reliability and economy, such as "S-FMCRD (Sealless Fine-Motion Control Rod Drive)" which eliminated the use of seal housing by adopting a magnetic coupling, “A-PODIA (Advanced Plant Operation by Displayed Information and Automation)” to improve operability with its Large Display Panel, “ASD - the multiple drive power supply to reactor internal pumps” that can drive two or three RIPs with a large-capacity inverter.

Toshiba is currently deploying ABWRs for the international market, which feature an improved design and are backed by Toshiba’s experience obtained through the construction, inspection and maintenance of these domestic nuclear power plants.

Catalog  ABWR (PDF file 4.7MB)

Hamaoka Unit No. 5

S-FMCRD Control Room

S-FMCRD catalog.pdf

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