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Scope of Our Business

Toshiba: designer, supplier and architectural engineer

Toshiba constructed its first nuclear power plant by back in the late 1960s. The diverse expertise and experience we have gained since then give us a unique position as a supplier of reliable, cost-effective energy systems and power plants.

Nuclear Power Plant Engineering and Construction(BWR, ABWR, Nuclear Fuel Cycle) ABWR

Toshiba's unparalleled experience in overall plant engineering includes development of a CAE system that supports us across our activities and further improves quality and efficiency.

-> Design, Manufacture, Construction and Operation

-> Civil Engineering and Project Management

Plant Services

-> Plant Modernization

-> Plant Power Uprating

-> Life Cycle Management Support

Future Reactors and Plants

As an innovator in reactor design and development, Toshiba promotes the evolution to new reactors like the ABWR-II. Based on today's most advanced BWR (ABWR), this next generation reactor will offer higher economic competitiveness and be safer and more reliable.

-> Next Generation BWR Plant (ABWR-II)

-> Advanced Reactor (SCPR, LSBWR)

-> Fusion Reactor

-> Fast Breeder Reactor (FBR)

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