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Toshiba aims to establish the best procurement system through a worldwide network, built upon 11 International Procurement Offices (IPO). IPOs not only find excellent new suppliers from around the world, but also provide our business bases with daily procurement services.

International Procurement Office Map & list

Click on the map below for details of each Office

figure of International Procurement Office Map & list London Dailian Hong Kong Shenzhen Delhi Tokyo Shanghai Taipei San Francisco Boston
Location IPO Name
San Francisco Toshiba America, Inc. San Francisco (TAI-SF)
Boston Toshiba America, Inc. Boston (TAI-BS)
London Toshiba International (Europe) Ltd. (TIL)
Hong Kong Toshiba International Procurement Hong Kong Ltd. (TIPH)
Shenzhen Toshiba (China) Co., Ltd -Shenzhen Branch Office (TCH-Shenzhen)
Shanghai Toshiba (China) Co., Ltd -Shanghai Branch Office (TCH-Shanghai)
Toshiba International Trading Shanghai Co., LTD (TISH)
Taipei Taiwan Toshiba International Procurement Corp. (TTIP)
Dalian Toshiba Dalian Co., Ltd. (TDL)
Tokyo Toshiba Trading Inc. (TTI)

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