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Research and Development



Major Achievements

2014 Objet Recognition Technology for POS Scanners
2013 Failure Progniosis Technology for HDDs
Glasses-free 3D Medical Display
2012 Dysprosium-free Magnet for Motors
NPEngine™:Hardware Engine for Streaming Servers
2011 Superconducting Filter Unit for Meteorogical Radar Receiver
Noise Reduction Television for Emerging Nations
ecochip™:Standby Power Minimization Chip
2010 Quantum Cryptography
Glasses-free 3D Television
2009 2D3D Conversion Technology
2008 10nm SONOS memory technology using double tunnel junction
Content-Centric User Interface
2007 Image Super-resolution
3D Wall Motion Tracking
2006 Ubiquitous Metadata Scouter
Hand Gesture Input Interface
2005 Super Charge ion Battery
2004 Low Barrier Schottky Source-Drain Technology
(for Aggressively Scaled Transistors)
2003 3-Dimensional Autostereoscopic Display (Integral-Imaging System)
High-Power and Low-Threshold Current Violet-Blue Laser Diode
photo of 3 - dimensional autostereoscopic display (integral-imaging system)
2002 Vehicle-Mounted Imaging-Processor: Visconti™
Direct Methanol Fuel Cell for PC
2001 DNA chip
Robotic Forceps System for Laparoscopic Surgery
1999 MPEG4 over Bluetooth
High Quality Text To Speech Software
1998 Decolorable Ink (e-blue™)
CO2- Absorbent Ceramics
MPEG-4 International Standardization
1996 CMOS Image Sensor
High Definition DVD
1995 GMR Head
Cell Switch Router
1994 MPEG-2 LSI
1993 0.04μm MOS FET
Small Cassette HD Digital VTR
1992 Oil Reclamation from Waste Plastics
1991 Er3Ni Regenerator Material GM Refrigerator
1990 ATM Switch
1989 Oxide Superconductor Coil
1988 Red Laser Diode
NAND-type EEPROM (Flash Memory)
1987 2 Million Pixel PSID Image Sensor
1985 1M-bit DRAM
1983 MRI
1978 photo of Japanese Word ProcessorJapanese Word Processor
1976 Electric Scan Ultrasonic Diagnostic Equipment
1975 SAW Device
1966 Automatic Zip Code Reader
1959 Helical Scan-type VTR
1957 1,500V DC Current Surge Arrester