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Information & Communication Platform

Through advances in wireless, network, security, and computing technologies, we are realizing a safe and comfortable society built on a high-speed, large-capacity, high-efficiency, and secure information and communication infrastructure.

Human Interface

By pursuing the development of media processing technologies for images, video, speech, text, and knowledge, we are creating a safe and secure information-intensive society filled with delight and surprise.

LSI & Storage

Taking a lead in higher capacity and downscaling with innovative LSI and storage technologies, our ultra-compact devices support the creation of an energy-efficient society.

Nano Materials & Devices

Using nanotechnology to realize materials and devices with novel properties and functions, we are helping to promote a highly energy-efficient, recycling-based sustainable society.

Mechanical & Systems Engineering

With cutting-edge data analysis and mechatronics technologies, we create highly reliable, highly efficient systems offering high added value for a safe,secure and comfortable society.