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Jan. 2015

  • Development of a Cloud System for Instantaneous Remote Control of over One Million Devices on the Internet of Things (Jan. 2015) Toshiba has developed a cloud system for instantaneous remote control of over one million devices on the Internet of Things (IoT). In the IoT world, in which diverse devices, such as home devices and sensors, are connected to the Internet, multiple control command relay servers are necessary with a scale of over one million devices. We developed a system that can connect more than 100,000 devices using a server instance that is not high performance (equivalent to a regular laptop computer with 4 GB of memory). Furthermore, a low-latency communication is maintained by always connecting the controlling mobile terminal and the controlled home device to the same server. The system also dynamically increases or decreases the number of servers depending on the number of connected devices. This technology was unveiled at IEEE CCNC 2015(Note 1) that was held from January 9 to 12.