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Research News


Jun. 2017

  • Toshiba and Toshiba Memory are Gold Medal Recipients of the 2016 JSAI Field Innovation Award (Jun. 2017) The success of Toshiba Corporation and Toshiba Memory Corporation (TMC) in boosting output at Yokkaichi Operations, TMC's memory plant in Mie prefecture, was recognized today when the companies were presented with the Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence's 2016 Field Innovation Award for "Improvements in Semiconductor Manufacturing Productivity at Yokkaichi Operations."
  • Toshiba develops a hydrogen sensor with rapid detection and low power consumption for a safer hydrogen society (Jun. 2017) Toshiba has developed a hydrogen gas sensor that consumes less than 1% the power of conventional devices(Note 1) without loss of detection speed. It is based on a Toshiba-developed microelectromechanical system (MEMS) structure that employs a palladium-based metallic glass(Note 2) to realize both rapid detection and low power consumption, overcoming the usual trade-off of conventional sensors. The sensor can be fabricated on semiconductor manufacturing lines, allowing low-cost mass-production. Details on the technology will be presented on 20 June at the Transducers 2017 international conference held in Taiwan.
  • Toshiba Develops Fluorescence Imaging System that Can Observe Cell Cultures Inside an Incubator (Jun. 2017) Toshiba has developed a system that performs fluorescence imaging(Note 1) of cell clusters during culturing in an incubator(Note 2) without using an objective lens. The prototype can distinguish individual cells in clusters, and is the first in the world(Note 3) to achieve a spatial resolution below 10 micrometers(μm), three times finer(Note 4) than that of a previously proposed similar technology. Details of the development will be published on 20 June at the "Transducers 2017" international conference held in Taiwan.

Apr. 2017

Mar. 2017

  • Electric Bus with Toshiba's Wireless Charger Cuts CO2 Emissions by up to 60% in Field Testing (Mar. 2017) TOKYO─Toshiba Corporation (Tokyo: 6502) today announced the results of field tests of electric buses charged with its wireless rapid rechargeable battery system. The tests, carried out with the cooperation of Waseda University, concluded that using the buses to replace standard diesel buses could cut CO2 emissions from daily operation by up to 60%1. The project was supported by the Ministry of the Environment's Low Carbon Technology Research and Development Program.
  • Toshiba and RIKEN to Collaborate in AI Research and Development (Mar. 2017) TOKYO─Toshiba Corporation (TOKYO: 6502) today announced that it has agreed with RIKEN, one of a Japan's government funded research institutes, to work together to promote advances in fundamental technologies for AI. The collaborative work will be centered at a new research and development center, RIKEN AIP*1 Toshiba Collaboration Centre (RATCC), at the RIKEN Centre for AIP Project in Tokyo. By bringing together their leading-edge AI technologies, plus know-how and data Toshiba has built up through years of experience as a leading industrial company in sectors ranging semiconductors to infrastructure, the partners aim to achieve "Autonomous learning AI for innovative productivity".

Feb. 2017

  • Toshiba to Unveil World's Most Power Efficient Analog-to-Digital Converter for Next-Generation Wireless LAN (Feb. 2017) Toshiba today announced that it has developed the world's most power efficient(Note 1) analog-to-digital (A/D) converter(Note 2) for next-generation wireless LAN (IEEE 802.11ax(Note 3)). The new technology overcomes a trade-off between conversion accuracy and power efficiency to realize the performance required by A/D converters for next-generation wireless LAN, while achieving three times the power efficiency of current A/D converters(Note 4). Deployment of the new device is expected to extend the lifetime of wireless LAN devices and to boost communication speeds. Toshiba will announce details of the technology on February 8 at the International Conference on Semiconductor Circuits in San Francisco.