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Toshiba Commitment

"Committed to People, Committed to the Future. TOSHIBA"
These words express Toshiba Group's mission and convey the values we share, emphasizing our respect for people, creation of new values and contributions to society. Since Toshiba's establishment in 1875, these values have inspired us to fulfill our corporate social responsibilities in all that we do, to help to create a higher quality of life for all people and to ensure that progress continues within the world community. We face many challenges today, but our commitment remains unchanged and we continue to take determined steps into the future.

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Toshiba Group Management Vision

Companies are people, individuals working together. At Toshiba, each of us can discover our full potential, while contributing to the company's continued success and long term prosperity.

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Toshiba Group Standards of Conduct

As the Toshiba Group looks to become an enterprise trusted by society, we have set up management principles respecting humanity, creating new values, and contributing to the lives and cultures of different countries around the world. At the same time, we operate our business under a management vision in which we aim to make adequate profits and sustainable growth and to bring our customers comfort and joy through the professional expertise and actions of each of our personnel and the collective efforts of our people.

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CSR and Environmental Management

In fulfilling its responsibilities as a corporate citizen of Earth, Toshiba Group emphasizes on CSR management and environmental management. We play a proactive role in protecting the global environment and embracing diversity. In all that we do, we endeavor to earn the trust of society.

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Toshiba Spirit

"A Passion for Innovation"
Two founders of Toshiba, Hisashige Tanaka, one of Japan's greatest inventors, and Ichisuke Fujioka, a wizard with electricity known as the Japanese Edison, launched their businesses that later came together to form the Toshiba of today.
Their restless curiosity and passion for invention are the source of Toshiba's corporate DNA and we continue to draw inspiration from their examples.

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Toshiba has released numerous World's first and Japan's first products and services since its establishment in 1875.

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Toshiba Review

Toshiba Review is a journey of Toshiba's latest technologies published monthly in Japanese. English abstracts are available online.

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Explore New Technology

The development of leading-edge technologies and future-oriented innovation is all part of Toshiba's corporate DNA.

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Toshiba Science Museum

Toshiba Science Museum introduces the corporate history of technical innovation and offers hands-on experience with the latest technologies in the environment and energy fields, social infrastructure, and digital products. Over 70 displays showcase designs for the world of the future in all kinds of applications. Children and adults can learn and expand their knowledge in technology and electronics while having fun in the museum.

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Cambridge Research Laboratory

Toshiba Corporation established its first overseas research center with the opening of the Toshiba Cambridge Research Center Ltd (CRL) in the UK.

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Telecommunications Research Laboratory

Toshiba's second UK research facility is the Telecommunications Research Laboratory (TRL) in Bristol.

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