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Compensation and Benefits

General Information

Job Type
Permanent full-time employee
Work Location
Japan (Toshiba In-house Companies, Corporate Staffs, and R&D Centers)
Working Hours
Monday - Friday, 7 hours and 45 minutes a day. (45 or 60min of lunch break, depending on the office.)
National holidays in Japan and additional company holidays (more than 20 days a year)
Starting Base Salary
Bachelor’s degree : JPY 207,000/monthly
Master’s degree : JPY 230,500/monthly
Doctorate’s (PhD) degree : JPY 277,000/monthly
Overtime Pay
Overtime will be compensated. Overtime pay is payable for holidays, and regular working days when the employee is required to work more than 7 hours and 45minutes per day.
Incentive Bonus
Twice a year (July and December), depending on company and individual performance
Commuting allowance (fully covered), housing allowance, child allowance, etc.
Annual Wage Increment
Annual (April), depending on company and individual performance
Annual Paid Leaves
1st year : 18 days/12 months (prorated based on date of hire)
2nd year : 22 days
3rd year onwards : 24 days
Medical and Dental Benefits
Toshiba provides several comprehensive and cost-effective medical and dental plans. In principle, Toshiba Healthcare Association affords 70% of medical and dental expense, and employee affords the rest of the expense.
Benefit Program "TEATIME"
Toshiba offers a "Cafeteria Plan" type of benefit program, called "TEATIME", that allows employees to select different benefits from a list of choices
Retirement allowance (payable at retirement), employees' pension program, Toshiba pension fund
Other Benefit Plans Available
Life insurance, accident insurance, Toshiba stock purchase plan, Toshiba products purchase plan, asset accumulation savings plan, housing loan support program, etc.

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