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Energy & Infrastructure Group

Creating Sustainable Societies

Power systems and other social infrastructure are indispensable for contemporary lifestyles, and demand for such solutions is expected to remain vigorous worldwide. Leveraging expertise cultivated since the company's foundation, Toshiba is contributing to the creation of infrastructure that enriches the quality of life for people throughout the world. In order to ensure stable supply of electricity, we offer hydro, solar, geothermal and wind power generation facilities in the renewables space, as well as thermal, hydroelectric and nuclear power generation systems.
We are also a leading supplier of power transmission and distribution systems that deliver electricity to homes, commercial facilities and other users; rechargeable batteries for the efficient storage of energy; and smart grids, next-generation energy distribution systems combining power infrastructure with communications infrastructure.
In addition to energy systems, we are a source of social infrastructure solutions in fields ranging from transportation and security to automation and telecommunications.

Community Solutions Group

Helping Communities Flourish

In a world where populations are climbing, urbanization is progressing, and demand for energy continues to rise, how to use available resources most efficiently and effectively is a major global challenge. The smart community is a promising solution. Toshiba's smart community solutions cover not only energy system for efficient use of energy but also management of water, which is essential for everyone's life, control of air conditioning, efficient lighting, elevators for safe and rapid transportation of people in high-rise buildings, and retail and office automation systems and solutions. Through deployment of cutting-edge ICT that underpins the information infrastructure, Toshiba's building facilities, urban solutions, and retail solutions businesses are orchestrating their expertise to create smart communities.

Healthcare Systems & Services Group

Patient-centric Solutions for a Healthier Planet

All of us want to stay healthy, and healthcare professionals are dedicated to helping us fulfill that aspiration. Toshiba also offers a powerful helping hand, through advanced solutions encompassing a range of vital products and services that contribute to health around the world. To realize patient-centric healthcare, we have developed diagnostic imaging systems with reduced exposure doses and Non-contrast-enhanced MRI. Our glasses-free 3D displays for medical applications are useful for planning operations and for securing informed consent. For seamless, large-area healthcare solutions, our cloud service provides comprehensive support.
Amid aging in developed societies and a continuing population rise across much of the globe, including the emerging-market countries, healthcare needs are becoming ever more sophisticated and diverse. Various diagnostic and treatment methods have been developed that go far beyond traditional capabilities, heralding a revolution in healthcare. As well as responding to needs in traditional medical fields by deploying advanced technologies, Toshiba is also raising its profile through innovative solutions targeting preventive and post-treatment healthcare.

Electronic Devices & Components Group

Devices to make dreams come true

In the era of big data, you either sink or swim in the sea of information. Businesses must deal with an ever rising tide that leaves virtually no aspect of our lives untouched. Toshiba is setting the pace in the development of NAND Flash memories, the key storage devices not only in smartphones and tablet PCs but also increasingly for data centers and servers—the infrastructure that sustains our data-driven society.
Ready to satisfy the full spectrum of storage demand, Toshiba is drawing on its across-the-board strengths in NAND, HDD and SSD to offer optimum storage systems attuned to customer needs. Our discrete semiconductor business is also on an upward technological trajectory, centering on the power devices that control the power consumption of equipment and the white LEDs that are revolutionizing illumination. Our system LSI business serves the world's advance of electronic equimpment by offering ICs for communication, control and power sources, and LSIs that facilitate SoC design.

Lifestyle Products & Services Group

Transforming Technology into a Superlative User Experience

Digital products are evolving rapidly, making strides in performance and offering enriched functionality, and consequently becoming integral to people's lifestyles the world over. Look to Toshiba for a stream of captivating, must-have digital products that transform the latest technologies into a superlative user experience, complete with a design flair that adds zest to life.
Toshiba TVs and PCs have earned a reputation for outstanding quality. With a wealth of in-house technology to exploit, we are focusing on cutting-edge products in terms of key attributes—ultra-thinness, light weight and breathtaking audiovisual performance—while also exploiting their awesome potential as networked devices.
At Toshiba, the first Japanese company to commercialize refrigerators, washing machines and vacuum cleaners, the quest to create better home appliances is never-ending. Today our cutting-edge technologies are embodied in high value-added products that emphasize comfort, convenience, and environmental performance. Mindful that the way of life varies from one place to another, we reflect regional preferences in our products and services. It's all part of our effort to make you feel at home.

Cloud & Solutions Company

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