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Explore Career Possibilities

Job Search by Position

Toshiba’s involvement in a wide range of technological and business fields assures it can offer a career that matches your interests and helps you achieve your full potential. Click below to view the job openings in each role.

technological and business fields
Finance & Accounting
Design & Development Engineer
System Engineer
Sales Engineer
Application Engineer
Manufacturing Engineer
Quality Control Engineer
Find Your Best Match for R&D and Engineering Roles

This matrix will guide you in choosing the career that best matches your technical expertise based on Toshiba’s research and development activities.

  Researcher Design & Development Engineer System Engineer Application Engineer
Electrical / Electronic Engineering Black dot Black dot White dot Black dot
Mechanical Engineering Black dot Black dot Black dot  
Computer Science Black dot Black dot   Black dot
Telecommunications Engineering Black dot Black dot    
Information Technology Black dot Black dot   Black dot
Control Engineering Black dot Black dot    
Physics   White dot   White dot
Materials Science & Engineering       White dot
Mathematics White dot White dot    

Black dot and White dot indicates that recruitment for the corresponding career is open to graduates/experts in the corresponding technical field, but priority will be given to graduates from technical fields marked with Black dot. This matrix should be treated as a set of guidelines and applicants can apply for positions even if there is no mark in the matrix.

Job Search by Companies/ Divisions

Job Introduction & Workflow

Click to see the job introduction and work flow of each role.

R&D and Engineering Roles

  • Researcher
  • Design & Development Engineer
  • System Engineer
  • Sales Engineer
  • Manufacturing Engineer
  • Quality Control Engineer

Business and Administrative Roles

  • Finance & Accounting
  • Human Resources & Administration
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Procurement


Researchers conduct fundamental research that will lead to future products, systems and software technology. We operate a global innovation network with R&D centers in Japan, the US, Europe, and Asia.

Design and Development Engineer

In this role, you are required to develop and design products. You are also required to understand emerging trends in products in the market. You will need to apply benchmarking techniques against competitors to form and execute development plans, and implement software and hardware designs that meet customer needs.

System Engineer

System Engineers coordinate complex projects that develop, design and integrate information systems. You will also need to be able to work with customers and engineers to finalize system specifications that meet customer requirements and market needs.

Sales Engineer

Sales Engineers combine technical know-how with sales acumen to support sales and marketing activities by providing technical support and know-how and making suggestions from an engineering perspective.

Manufacturing Engineer

Manufacturing Engineers undertake R&D in manufacturing technology and advance Toshiba group's capabilities in such fundamental areas as production systems technology, high-density packaging, optical technology and quality control.

Quality Control Engineer

Quality Control Engineers are responsible for maintaining and improving the quality and reliability of Toshiba's products and services. They achieve this by managing resources allotted to each stage of the product development lifecycle, which includes Product Planning, Design and Development, Manufacturing, Procurement and Sales, among others.

Finance & Accounting

Finance & accounting division is responsible to support top management with financial strategies and has an important influence in driving Toshiba’s profitable growth.

Human Resources & Administration

HR & administration division has many important roles to support business operations and provide a comfortable working environment for all employees to maximize their performances.

Sales & Marketing

Sales & Marketing people are responsible for planning of business strategies to achieve sales goal and to develop new customers and businesses. Major customers for consumer products such as PCs and TVs are mass retailers and dealers. Manufacturers are the main customers for semiconductors and other components. As for infrastructure products such as power systems and transportation systems, you need to work with government and public offices in many cases.


Procurement division is responsible for purchasing and procuring designated quality and quantity of items, parts and components at lowest cost which are required in Toshiba’s factories located in japan and all over the world.

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