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2013 Engineering intern - Rajat Sethi

2015 Toshiba global interns, Lohit Gudivada and Nguyễn Hoàng Việt, met their internship alumni, Rajat Sethi, and discussed about internship in Toshiba.


Lohit: What’s your motivation to join Toshiba Global Internship?

Rajat: At the end of my 3rd year of study at the University, Toshiba was one of the first companies which visited my University to select interns for the internship program in Japan. I was delighted when I came to know that an opportunity existed in Toshiba’s Power Systems Company for a Mechanical Engineering internship. I left no stone unturned in order to prepare myself for the selection process since I have had a fascination for Power Systems since early college days. Also, Toshiba’s major power equipment is considered some of the best in the world in terms of quality. Getting to learn about the technology, the process, and getting to see such stuff up close, motivated me to apply for the Toshiba Global Internship.

Work in Toshiba

Viet: Can you tell us your experience of working in Toshiba?

Rajat: A number of foreign projects are handled by my department. During my internship, I mainly collaborated on power plant projects in Taiwan and Korea; I also had an opportunity to visit Toshiba’s turbine factory. The work gave me a chance to do an in depth review of the construction of a steam turbine and broadly understand the process flow at the factory.
Regarding the work environment, there are a good number of foreign employees from different countries in my work place. Working in such diverse teams helped me learn firsthand how to interact with people from different cultures, having different set of ideas, styles of work and ways of thinking in order to achieve a common objective. The best thing was that everyone was free to put forward one’s ideas and all the matters were discussed together before arriving at a decision.

Lohit: Have you had any worries while pursuing an internship overseas?

Rajat: Initial worries were in regards to the language, since I did not have much knowledge of the Japanese language. Another factor was that being a vegetarian, I had some dietary reservations. Fortunately, the language issue was resolved through the help of two mentors assigned to me during the course of my internship. Both were foreign employees hired from Toshiba Japan Recruitment. So I could freely interact and exchange ideas with them in English. In addition, most of my Japanese colleagues were technically fluent in English and I had some memorable discussions with many of them. While in Japan, I was able to learn some basic Japanese words and little sentences which are used very often in day-to-day language.
For food, I carried over some packed food from home but was pleasantly surprised to find that Japan has a wide variety of restaurants with global cuisines. I did not have any difficulty as regards food. Another plus was that Toshiba dormitories are very strategically located having easy access to convenient stores and restaurant s nearby which helped a lot.

Advice to Junior Interns

Viet: Being a final year university student, what do you do to improve ourselves for better fit in the work place in the future?

Rajat: As you are already in your final year and have an excellent Toshiba internship exposure behind you, you might already have a broad view of the discipline in which you might want to advance your career once you graduate. I would advise you to pick the discipline that you are most interested in and try your best to get your basics in it correct, and use your time to become more proficient in it. This should take care of the academic aspect. Besides, the internship at Toshiba should have provided you a great opportunity to know so much about the company and its various technologies in a short period of time. Make the best use of the experience and exposure that you have got here to your future plan. All the best!

Feedback from 2015 interns

Toshiba Global Internship has definitely brought new perspectives to my life, as it has opened up a completely different path which was not there in my life-plan. I may not have a very strict future plan after graduation. But as for now, the experience enables me to be open to new ideas and changes in my life, and I am very happy to be able to take on challenges as they come.
I am impressed of the working environment in Toshiba, which is really professional, and the people surround me, who are very friendly. Before joining the internship, the thing that most concerned me was how to pass courses in university. However, after taking apart in Toshiba Global Internship Program, I can think about one more aspect beyond study, which is how to apply the knowledge to my future work.
Experiences during which I met a lot of locals and interacted extensively with them helped me in appreciating the Japanese way of life and made me a better and more understanding human being.
[Overall Schedule of 2015 Toshiba Global Internship] Orientation - Visit Toshiba Science Museum - Internship Assignement in Departments - Group Discussion - Final Presentation - Closing Ceremony

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