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Toshiba Global Internship

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2008 R&D intern - Michael Quinsat

What attracted you to the Toshiba Global Internship?

My interest and specialties. I’d always wanted to know how the semiconductor industry works, and I was immediately attracted when I found that Toshiba, a company that performs in the top 5 in the global semiconductor industry, offered an internship opportunity. I considered it as a great chance to gain insights into the industry and a real-work situation. I was looking forward to working on the latest issues of transistor miniaturization in Toshiba. It turned out that I was assigned to assist the research and development of technologies in the same field, which added valuable experience to my studies.

The Toshiba I know

What fascinated me is that Toshiba’s employees commit to their work with endless passion. They work hard because they know they are the base of the wealth of the organization. Toshiba has long been proud of its enterprise DNA, of being professional in developing technologies since its establishment, and I found this spirit continues in employees’ thinking nowadays.
While the office may have a hierarchical structure where managers set targets and team members do their best to tackle objectives, the managers are actually quite open to team members’ ideas and opinions, in order to best fulfill the professional requirements of products and service. I think this shows the virtuous circle of communication in the office.

How did your internship experience help you grow personally and professionally?

Joining an overseas internship brought me two situations to cope with: one from the transition between student life and the company work-style, and the other from cultural differences between France and Japan. Being confronted by an unfamiliar environment and culture made me realize many aspects about my own personality. I also learnt that it is very important to not judge and to stay open while interacting with people from different culture.
Professionally, the internship experience in Toshiba helped me to make the decision to pursue further studies for a PhD in applied physics. I set a career goal in which I want to contribute in the development of new types of technologies. I met passionate people and worked on the latest research in Toshiba, and that became the reason I joined Toshiba later when I finished my PhD. I gained valuable experience from the Toshiba Global Internship, and definitely recommend it to potential applicants.

Daily Schedule

[8:45-12:00] Literature study.Discuss and exchange ideas on the current project [12:00-13:00] Lunch break [13:00-17:00] Experiments and data analysis [17:00-17:30] Summarize and report today's work

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