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About Toshiba Japan Recruitment

Comprehensive Training Programs for Global Recruits

Toshiba provides a comprehensive training package that ranges over such topics as Japanese communication skills, business manners, technological knowledge, corporate philosophy and so on.

Our Training System is expressly designed to build proficiency and to realize the full potential of each employee through in-depth training in essential areas.

  • Japanese Language
  • Business Manners
  • Cross-culture Team-building
  • Corporate Philosophy & Management Vision
  • Basic Business Skills in Japan
  • Management Innovation
  • Corporate Entry Program, etc...

Training Roadmap

Toshiba Group has various training and development programs in place such as those that aim to cultivate certain shared values in all employees and others based on individual needs and career stage requirements.

Overview of Training System for Engineers

Following the expectations of an engineer in the 21st century, we have developed a new technical training program system to equip engineers with the skills and capabilities they need for their job.

Value Creation Domain
To create new markets and values, we need to be in touch with the market.These courses enable us to understand how things are created by fostering the mindset of Toshiba's engineers.
Product Development Domain
Innovation is needed in the development process to compete at top levels. These courses allow us to produce personnel who have mastered the skills to be leaders in their fields.

Overview of Training System for Sales & Marketing

We provide training courses in 5 different categories to support enhancing your knowledge and skill to become a professional in sales & marketing.

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