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About Us

Corporate Overview

Toshiba Corporation Social Infrastructure Systems Company
72-34 Horikawa-cho, Saiwai-ku Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa 212-8585, Japan
Company President
Corporate Senior Vice President & President of the Social Infrastructure Systems Company
Takeshi Yokota
Business Overview
The Social Infrastructure Systems Company is committed to key businesses that support various sectors of social and industrial infrastructure, offering equipment, systems and services worldwide. Our offerings encompass electricity systems such as power transmission and distribution (T&D) systems for a stable transfer of electricity from power plants and photovoltaic generation systems that rely on a natural energy source; the SCiB rechargeable battery that is very safe to use and can be quickly charged; railway and automotive systems that combine a multitude of advanced technologies such as power electronics like high-efficiency motors and inverters; solutions and automation systems such as traffic control, disaster prevention and security systems and industrial measuring instruments; radio systems for aeronautical safety, air-traffic control and meteorological observation; and water and environmental systems such as various water supply and sewerage systems and waste disposal systems. We offer total solutions to help contribute toward the creation of a safe, secure and comfortable smart community,


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