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We provide easy, economical and
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Compact MBR* Unit


    A waste water treatment method that removes organics(BOD, COD) and suspended solids(TSS) in waste water using Microfiltration or Ultrafiltration membranes
    (BOD : Biochemical Oxygen Demand, COD : Chemical Oxygen Demand, TSS : Total Suspended Solids)
    *MBR : Membrance Bioreactor


    Given a daily discharge volume of 50 liters of domestic waste water per day per person, one MBR unit can provide waste water treatment for the equivalent of 2,000 people per day.
    ( Consult us about MBR unit with specification outside 100㎥ per day.)
    *MBR : Membrance Bioreactor

Do you have any concerns about deploying a waste Water Treatment System?

You may want to use a waste water treatment system for various reasons: e.g., reusing waste water when the supply of water is limited, using small distributed waste water treatment systems due to limited sewer access, or meeting the sanitary standards required in various types of buildings.

Treatment of domestic waste water
Toshiba's Compact MBR Unit Fulfills All These Needs

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What can be solved with Toshiba's Compact MBR Unit

Toshiba's Compact MBR Unit significantly reduces costs and the construction period

The basic organization of the Compact MBR Unit has been radically simplified to minimize cost and time of construction. Toshiba's MBR unit eliminates the need for groundwork, making it possible to reduce the time and cost of construction, and add or relocate water tanks.

(Depending on how the water tanks are being used)



construction time

Toshiba's MBR unit eliminates the need for time-consuming processes that require heavy equipment. The time required for construction is less than that required for concrete water tanks. This in turn helps reduce various risk factors in terms of noise, safety and scheduling changes due to weather conditions. Toshiba's MBR unit provides customers and local residents with a safe and reliable water treatment solution.

overall construction period



less costly than
conventional products

The use of panel tank with membrane liner eliminates the need for groundwork. The efficient design of the MBR unit reduces material cost and also the cost of construction because it does not require heavy equipment for transportation as required with concrete type MBRs. (*4 According to our study of concrete type MBR with a daily capacity of 100m2)

cost reduction


and removal

Since Toshiba's MBR unit allows freedom of design, it provides great flexibility in installation and simplifies system expansion and removal.

removal and relocation

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Toshiba's MBR unit can be installed


bar image

MBR features

Installation Example

Short construction time

Short construction time
without using heavy equipment

Flexible design

Flexible design

MBR unit appearance

MBR unit appearance

Unit in operation

Unit in operation

Raw water and Treated water

Raw water and Treated water

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Configuration and Specifications



(1) A separate sludge treatment is required.

(2) Post-treatment may be necessary to reuse waste water from the MBR unit.


Production method On-site assembly
Capacity 100m3per day *
Water quality
Input BOD≤300 mg/L TSS≤500mg/L T-N≤30mg/L
Output BOD≤5 mg/L TSS≤5mg/L T-N≤6mg/L
Environmental requirements Outdoor(unit must be placed on level ground that allows installation)
Ambient temperature 0 to 50℃*
Humidity 20 to 90%*
Major maintenance (recommended) Membrane replacement 3 to 7 years
Typical lead time 6 months
Basic material(water tanks) Galvanized steel
Basic dimensions(footprint) 6.0 m ×13.5 m(for a unit with a water treatment capacity of 100m³ per day)

*Consult us about MBR unit with specification outside this range

Options :Water tank lids (for foul odor prevention), activated charcoal equipment (for deodorization and decoloration), IoT (remote monitoring), remote maintenance

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Compact MBR Unit Catalog

Please download Compact MBR Unit PDF catalog of Toshiba.

Compact MBR Unit PDF catalog


  • 1) Do you have any concerns about deploying a water treatment system?
  • 2) Toshiba's compact MBR unit fulfills all these needs.
  • 3) Three features of the Compact MBR Unit
  • 4) Configuration and Specifications of the Compact MBR Unit
  • 5) Customer Requirements Checklist

Compact MBR Unit(PDF:2.3MB)
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