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Toshiba provides the High-speed clarifier

(Sedimentation tank) with the flow rate

4 times faster than conventional ones.


-Clarifier (Sedimentation tank) -


Why Toshiba's High-speed clarifier (Sedimentation tank)?

Generally, in the fields of industrial water treatment, the conventional Clarifier (Sedimentation tank) needs a large space due to low speed of TSS(total suspended solid) sedimentation which causes the low flow rate of treated water.

Toshiba has developed a High-speed clarifier (Sedimentation tank) of which flow rate is 4 times faster than conventional ones by finding the suitable flow dispersion using the latest fluid simulation.

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Advantages of Toshiba's High-speed clarifier (Sedimentation tank)?

High flow rate

Separate TSS from the waste water by sedimentation at the high water liner velocity of more than 4m/h.(4 times faster than conventional ones)

Construction cost reduction

Lower the construction costs by reducing diameter and height of the tank.

Footprint compactness

Footprints are 4 times smaller than conventional ones due to higher flow rate.

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Original Structure

Toshiba developed the original structure by using latest simulation technology, which leads to higher sedimentation efficiency and flow rate than conventional ones.

Battery-operated Electromagnetic TOSAQUA -Sedimentation tank -

1 The structure to distribute flocs Raw water from the feedwell are distributed uniformly into the Clarifier (Sedimentation tank).

2 The structure to prevent most flocs from carrying over Flocs along the wall are prevented from carrying over.

3 The structure to re-feed flocs into the feedwell Some flocs which have been carried over are fed into the feedwell again.

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Configuration example of Toshiba's High-speed clarifier (Sedimentation tank) combined with pre-treatment system.

Configuration example of Toshiba's high-speed
  Clarifier (Sedimentation tank) combined with pre-treatment system.

Process Flow

Pre-treatment and high-speed sedimentation are provided

Process Flow

Process Flow


Chemicals are added to the raw water, and small particles are formed into flocs which can be separated by sedimentation.

pH control is applied when necessary.


High-speed Sedimentation Treatment

Flocs are separated from pre-treatment water by sedimentation. This equipment can treat more than 4 times as much flow rate as conventional ones.

The sludge are pulled from the bottom of the tank and sent to the sludge treatment process.

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Toshiba globally conducts business by leveraging its expertise and rich experience in the construction of water supply and sewerage infrastructure in Japan. We operate worldwide, offering end to end and customized solutions to meet our customers' needs. We are committed to assisting in the establishment of sustainable water circulation systems and the realization of advanced environmentally sound communities using our expertise and affiliates.

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