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Industrial Systems

Industrial Computer

Industrial Computer image

Toshiba's Industrial Computers contribute to the maintenance and development of our social infrastructure.

Unified Controller nv series

Unified Controller nv series image

The Unified Controller nv series can be applied to monitoring and control systems of different fields such as instrumentation and electric control.

Distributed Control Systems TOSDIC-CIE DS/nv

TOSDIC-CIE DS/nv image

Toshiba provides distributed control systems unified "Computer", "Instrumentation", and "Electric control".

Integrated Controller V series

Integrated Controller V series image

The Integrated Controller V series consists of seamless, scalable controllers which integrate such functions as sequence control, loop control, and computer processing.

Field Intelligent Device

Field Intelligent Device image

Flowmeter and Density Meter, the result of a wealth of experience and considerable engineering expertise, accommodate diverse applications in all areas of industry.

Metal Industry Measuring Instruments

Metal Industry Measuring Instruments image

High quality, high accuracy metal measuring instruments for steel or non-steel plants incorporating 50 years' experience and performance.

General Purpose Inverters

General Purpose Inverters image

TOSVERTTM VF series is general purpose inverter for industrial use, from 0.1 to 630kW. There are various types for each demand of any machine.


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Railway Systems

Railway Systems

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We have expanded our business to supply advanced technologies for rolling stock systems, power supply systems, and information systems on a global scale.

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Transform Microwave Semiconductor

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SCiB™ A Rechargeable Battery

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Air Traffic Control and Navaids System & Solid-State Weather Radar

Air Traffic Control and Navaids System

Air Traffic Control and Navaids System image

Toshiba Air Traffic Control and Navaids System, including PSR/SSR and DVOR/CVOR/DME, makes a significant contribution to the safety of world skies and supports regional development.

Solid-State Weather Radar

Solid-State Weather Radar image

Toshiba's up-to-date Solid-State Weather Radar combines high performance and high quality, to realize improved observation accuracy and low lifecycle costs. We offer high accuracy, high sensitivity, and high resolution Dual Polarization Doppler Solid-State Weather Radar.