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Implementation examples

High-performance face recognition technology thanks to our abundant experience and track record
Excellent performance in actual situations

Implementation examples

The technology is used for security systems and the standard platforms of partner companies, etc.

  • Russia
    –received order for an access control project
  • Southeast Asia
    –received order for a law enforcement project
  • Used for RecFaces Id-Me SaaS
  • Used for Fujitsu’s AI smart city surveillance solutions


We are expanding our range of partners globally.

We have a track record of introducing this technology
in more than 1,000 projects.

  • Law enforcement agencies
    Search assistance
  • Government agencies
    Searching for specific
  • Access control
    Stationary type
    (face recognition
    while standing still)
    walk-through type
    (face recognition
    while walking)
  • Computer security
    Computer login
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